Pranking: Dommie-style

Pranking: Dommie-style

One hears a LOT about brats and their shenanigans… But what if you could do anything you wanted to get their goats? And you had no fear of reprisal? No fear of punishment at all?

The only caveat was everyone had to come out of it in one piece?

  • You could embarass them,
  • or cause them to take pratfalls.
  • You could make them go far out of their way for no reward, taking their time up and messing with their plans.
  • You could tease them unmercifully. Maybe even sadistically.
  • You could woo, flirt, whatever and leave them hot and bothered. And go about your day.
  • You could superglue their flies, and cause them min wardrobe changes.
  • You coud make them edge or get really close to peeing themselves. Or maybe even tip over that edge, if that’s your thing?
  • you could send them on the stupidest, wildest errands and embarassing shopping trips, then turn them around to do it again, if you wanted one. more. thing…

(just a few ideas)

Why would you? Because you can!

We dominants aren’t always serious. And our subs/slaves enjoy getting teased too! They just don’t have the freedom to return the volley with punishment. Hehe! (rubs hands in glee!)

So get your full dom/me on! And make life a challenge for your sub/slave. They can’t have ALL the fun, can they??

Again, I say! They cannot punish you!

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