privilege analogy – like an old fashioned ice cream shop

privilege analogy – like an old fashioned ice cream shop

Maybe I’m showing my age, but do you remember those old fashioned shops where they had all kinds of flavours of ice cream and toppings?

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Nowadays, they’d include frozen yogurt, and some get the idea that even us people who have lactose allergies want a treat now and then, so they make ices that are dairy free. Some places make sure their alternatives are nut free too. Makes sense, right?

And have you noticed that your tastes have changed since you were a kid? Maybe your tummy gets upset if you have too many sweets or your tongue gets almost burnt if you have too much salt?

Then there are cultural shifts. Not every religion allows you to have meat or meat byproducts either.

Which explains why even in ice cream shops, the times they are a -changing. Right?

Thing is, we begin life with a given set of needs and wants. Mostly told by other people what our life is about and told when we must adhere to it. And given few choices if we have to consider things like allergies or diabetes.

Things have improved somewhat. But there was a day when kids who wanted an ice cream couldn’t always get one. And poverty wasn’t the only factor. There were whole towns without an ice cream shop as well as some that just had maybe three kinds. Can you imagine?? I grew up in a village that had one variety shop that might sell vanilla and neopolitan and chocolate of course.

That is what privilege is like. Resources, wants and needs built into whatever your culture is.

It’s not about one or two things and saying you either are or are not. It’s a gradient of factors like the ice cream shop. Do you walk out with a dairy free glace, a super loaded sundae or a Root beer float? In the end, you have very little say in what you leave with.

So take this test for fun and consider what it’s asking you. I got 33/100. Yet I’m a white/cis/female with a univ education… Not that simple huh? Good luck!

Buzzfeed test

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