love knot (erotica)


Love Knot

Rhys didn’t know it yet, but Chloe was after him. And she intended to get him too. She wore a knot on her wrist at all times and had one taped to her front door. She chanted the charms given to her by a friend who had studied such charms and seemed to know what she was talking about. Chloe hoped she did anyway.

Chloe made her version of the meal he ordered most often when the gang went out together after work. She wore his fave colour. and her best perfume. Then she put on her sexiest dress and killer heels.

And asked Rhys to dinner. He hesitated for a minute and she caught her breath, hoping he’d say yes. And he did!

When Rhys arrived at her door, he smiled when he smelled what she had cooking. He looked her over and winked at her. Then he handed her a bottle of white wine and flowers. Chloe put the flowers in water and took him into the kitchen with her while she put the finishing touches on the meal.

They sat at the table and began their meal with chatter about the people they worked with. Then interests they both had in common. Both were smiling and the banter was going well.

So they moved to the couch and sat close. Chloe put some music on and they talked over more wine and dessert. Then Rhys moved in to kiss her. And things heated up.

Clothes hit the floor, hands reached out and found all the tasty bits of skin. And Rhys flipped her over and shoved into her from behind. Chloe gasped and buried her head in the pillow. It seems Rhys wanted it hard and fast. And Chloe was thrilled to accept it that way.

So within minutes, Rhys was cuming like a fire hose. And slumped against her. Chloe waited for him to recover. He kissed her while he got his energy back.

Then Rhys picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Laid her gently on the bed. And spread her legs. So he could use his mouth on her clit. Chloe wrapped her legs around his head and hung on for dear life. When she started to moan louder, he put his hand over her mouth. Chloe couldn’t stop herself from biting his hand as she came.

Rhys climbed her body and pushed into her vajay. And started shoving into her. Over and over till they both had their turn to cum. And lay together huffing as they recovered.

Rhys seemed satisfied. If the charm didn’t work, the meal and the sex might. The test would be if he stayed all night. Chloe told him she had bought danishes and had bacon and eggs for breakfast if he would. And she paused to hear his answer.

Rhys pulled her closer and smiled and kissed her. He said he’d be thrilled to stay.

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