life isn’t a bowl of cherries… (life advice)

Life isn’t a bowl of cherries… (life advice)

If you get even half way decent at things to do with food, you learn a few important lessons:

  • if you want sweet to taste good, there has to be a bitter off-set. Like lemon rind, coffee, ginger, chilis… Because just sweet can be really cloying. It’s more likely to make you puke than go yum.
  • if you want a food to come together, then you have to add a dash of salt. Whether the food is sweet or sour. For me, the best sweets are salted caramel and licorice. I’ll eat chocolate if there are salted nuts on it. But I won’t on it’s own.
  • To make a savoury with that bliss experience, you have to layer the flavour, make things pop out and surprise you. Something sweet, bitter, tart/sour, salty and just a bit of heat. So you get flavour that comes in little pops. Then you can shovel even the most ordinary food into your mouth for days, and you won’t get bored.
  • Never serve something the first time to guests. And never adhere to the recipe like it came from the holy Bible. Make it your own. Vary it or you get bored with food and your appetite for life decreases.
  • Children and aged people have a smaller range of taste available. So don’t serve them something you’d feed to an adult.

I know you think now that I’m talking about food, and I am. But the rules apply well beyond the dinner table, if you think about it. Bon appetite!

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