Nostradamus and the Prophecy of the Last Pope

Nostradamus and the Prophecy of the Last Pope

Once upon a day ago, I got hooked on reading the quatrains of Nostradamus. Esp when I was reading a lot of mystical tomes at the time, they took on a power and voice, that I’m certainly not alone in. Even the Holy See has listened to what he has to say.

But right now, in possibly the next few years, we have a critical one. The prophecy has come forward that we are in the time of the last pope and the fall of the entire church of Christ. And the beginning of WWIII.

Hey even Isaac Newton went within this time with his guestimate! He says our world will crash and burn c2060. Interesting, huh?

St Malachy




some of the prophecies

At the time of the Revelation, five world empires had come and gone—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece—one (Rome) existed, and one (Antichrist’s world empire) had not yet come.

could this be referring to the Commonwealth? Of which the Crown of England is the titular head? Will it be lead by the House of Windsor?

“Peter the Roman

does this mean the last pope will be from Rome?

the leader will chase his nephew from Rome

So does the last pope have a nephew who is in the Vatican or the monarchy of Italy/ Rome?

the whore of Babylon, a woman at the head/ on the seat of power.

Well we can be pretty certain it won’t be a female pope, archbishop or priest. BUT there have been very influential pope-making families from Rome/Italy… do we look for the female head there?

the anti-christ, the denier

the one who says that Christ is not divine, from God Is not God made flesh. More likely to be a secular leader than one from Christendom. The one who will assassinate or topple the last pope and the Christian church as a whole. Which will begin WWIII that will last 27 years and be fought between two superpowers.

the conflict that began in France will extend to the middle east

Could that refer to the Crusades? And what is the secret sign lost that will end the conflict finally?

the pope will be the first “black one”

Does this imply race? Or is it in reference to the current Pope who is the first Jesuit/black robe to be the head of the church?

a 2nd sun

could this be a comet, a planet like Planet X behind the sun or an actual star such as the sun? curious astro

St Malachy’s list of popes 112 references one left to go.

caution about prophecies

St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross

Nostradamus and St Malachy

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