you know you’re bored when…. (a mystical story)

You Know You’re Bored When …

As Stephen King would say…

Hell is repetition!

Justin and Melissa were the couple everyone envied. They had a house, a white picket fence, 2.2 kids, careers they had bought and paid for. They should be happy, right?

But even their troubles were the same damn thing, every day. They squabbled about the same things every day. Nothing really happened, It was mercilessly grey. So routine!

Sometimes they each wondered if having an affair would make a difference? Then they’d wonder if they had the time. Between the kids’ school and extra curricular activities, all that driving, their jobs, and would they be able to keep up the time and lies an affair takes?

They thought about divorce as well. But they loved each other and the kids. And seriously! The money that would take would be ridiculous! So no.

But seriously, how do you get thru life well when every step feels like your feet are being sucked down into muck???

It was just grey! And nothing to look forward to but more grey!

This is a lot of people’s lives, so I could just leave it there. But that’s not me, right? If you’ve read my stuff before, you know that! Right? And I did say it was a mystical story, right? (Don’t you hate when the narrator intrudes on a story? ;P)

So where do we go to find the source of the issue? Into the ether! And in the ether we find a demon who likes to cloud the brains of his prey with boredom. Because Justin and Melissa have a good life most people would be grateful for, don’t they? They’re healthy, their kids are too. They have enough money to pay their bills and have a few frills too. So really, what is the problem?? Answer. There isn’t one.

Except the demon.

But who would know? And who could fix it? Got any ideas?

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