birds of a feather (a mythical story)

albatross, grebesBirds of a Feather

J.C and Stacey were that couple. They either cooed at each other or fought. Squabbling was their passtime. There was no substance to anything they did. And they hardly seemed like they had sex either.

They seemed to be really into each other. But you weren’t quite sure why. They didn’t seem to have anything real, or shared. But every five minutes, they took a selfie. Of one of them air smooching the other. It was annoying when you were with them.

Everything else took a back seat to their pictures. They fluffed their hair, checked their makeup (yes I said their. JC was so metrosexual) and Vogued . Which made it hard to have a conversation or an activity that had any meaning.

They wore the latest fashions. No one was quite sure how they managed, since neither was really working at a high end job or anything. Maybe credit cards? Gambling? Day trading? Who knows…

Nobody was sure how they managed to stay together though. Their tiffs seemed like they were end-of-the-world fights. Nobody was quite sure if they’d break out in slaps, scratches or if they’d start a musical. But maybe they stayed together cuzz their selfies always made it onto the leaderboard of any website they were on. If only they could make that a career. 😛

Finally the day came (and noone was really sad about it, trust me) when they arrived at the pearly gates and were judged. Asked if they had given time or money to charity, they said no. Asked if they had worked for people or pet to make their lives better, they said no. Asked if they had loved or trusted others, they said no. Asked if they had been loyal to spouse, friend or lover, they said no.

St Peter looked their lives over and finally came to a decision… He sent them back to live another life. But not as a person. He sent them back as birds.

It just seemed like the right fit somehow.




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