Everything for Love (a mystic story)

Everything for Love

It was like going to a nude beach or being a doctor who sees people’s genitals all day everyday, then has no interest when someone flashes theirs at home. I mean it’s hardly sexy when that is work. When you’re inundated with flesh.

And that is what Inid felt when she looked at the humans. Here was another one. Ho hum! She didn’t remember ever feeling that spark of interest.

Until she saw him. The parts that bored her otherwise were now in the right place and time. In just the right mood. And her jaw dropped, her palms began to sweat and drool formed in her mouth. She was in lust with Angwyn the second she laid eyes on him!

It wasn’t that he was handsome like Adonis. But he just oozed sex appreal. He moved like a jungle cat. He was alert, and high voltage. He noticed everything. And he smiled gently at others, and grinned at their mischief. Everything seemed to catch his humour. Inid liked that! A lot!

So she followed Angwyn around like a puppy dog. Watching and watching as he had bright conversations, and tender moments. And fell in love with him.

So she showed herself in his dreams, and he seemed to like her as well. But he saw her as imaginary, so his feelings never attached to her. It wasn’t a pop song after all.

Inid knew the only way she’d ever get him to fall for her was to be real. Human.

So she went off for a bit to think about whether she was willing to give up her powers, her friends, everything to be with him.

Call her an idiot or say this is romance, therefore she must choose love. It’s never that easy when it’s you. Because much as love may be a treaure, it more often burns or fizzles out than lasts from meeting to death and beyond.

But fool as she felt, Inid chose Angwyn. She stripped her powers and went to him as a human woman. Praying he’d fall for her. Holding her breath…

And sick as it made her to trust in love, she left the choice up to him.

Much as she wanted to blame him, she couldn’t. Whatever the reason, Angwyn wasn’t ready to fall for her. He was ready for sex though.

Inid felt her heart shrink and her powers beg for her to take them back, and forget him. But there is no fool like a fool in love. She gave him her all for what little he would return. And then walked away heartbroken.

Ready to be angry, but all she felt was sad. Hurt. Angwyn had no clue what he had just turned down.

And Inid swore he never would.

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