I hear wings (a story)

I Hear Wings

There is a flapping of wings, coming toward me. I don’t know where they come from or where they will return to when their task is done.
I don’t know if their purpose is good or evil. If they mean me healing or harm.
I don’t know if I will hear truth or lies. If I will be met with love and mercy or condemnation and shame.
I just know that I prayed and now I Hear Wings
I can feel the fear rising like gorge in my throat, My chest grows tighter as the wings get closer to me. My air is cut off and I can feel the blood leaving my face. My knees are weak and I feel myself falling down.
I Hear Wings and just as I lose hold of my grip on sanity and even life itself, I see the eyes of an angel. And I feel rejuvenated. I am alive again.
I hear the call. The voice inside my soul. And pause long enough to know if they look at me with love or hate.
Then I remember, whether angel or demon, they had their favourites.
So I listen beyond their wings for the voice of God. I listen beyond the wings for my purpose.
And what did I hear? A peace that warmed my soul.

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