Restless Feet (a story)

Restless Feet

Stella was always looking around the next corner, at the neighbour’s lawn instead of her own. She’d peek thru the door at someone else’s temple, and bury her nose in someone else’s holy book. Looking for the meaning of life and love. Always coming away dissatisfied.

She’d borrow your baby and happily give it back. She’d flirt with your husband then wonder why you were mad. She always rented, only for the short term. Because by the end of a lease, she’d be ready to burn the building to the ground. She was so bored.

Her jobs came from temporary offices. No contracts, no schooling. Just enough to keep body and soul together. Till she was ready to go again.

She was kind and funny and a charm to be around, till you tried to hang on too tight. Then she was off and running again. Just far enough to feel free, but not far enough for a new destiny.

Stella’s parents were distraught, her siblings bored with her getting the fatted calf. Seems the visitor was more important than the one who stayed.

She loved to dance, she was good till 2nd base. But she took no chances past that. No man would trap her destiny, her fate. There’d be no infants on her apron strings. Men left her, wanting more. Feeling like their gifts were a waste of time and money. They hadn’t really gotten anything. Wondering if she was a tease. But she hadn’t promised them anything. So how could they be mad?

Stella couldn’t sit still for long enough in her own temple or library to read a book, to dream of love. She was always chasing the next string.

Till the day the three white robed ladies cut her string. They left her running in the fields Elysian.

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