I blame Harlequin, Disney and now 50 Shades

I blame Harlequin, Disney and now 50 Shades

I want romancing from a guy 24/7! Someone who can keep me in the style I’ve always dreamed of. Silk, linen, wool in high thread counts barely floating over my skin. Feeling more like clouds than fabric. Choos on my feet every day and gold and silver around my wrists and ankles (while i still have them!)

I want him to pamper me with all my fave things, none of this bossing and beating crap though! Unless turnabout is fair play?

Someone who wants to hear my voice, rather than feel my teeth as he tries to fill my stomach with his jizz. I bite! j/s

Sighs.. what is it about billionaires that grabs us so?? Even if he is a beast!

I’m going to build my Pinterest wall of the best of the best, and forget that stupid dude!

Or is that me just being a dommie again? Oh dear! Not even for a billion huh? I cannot imagine finding my subbie inside for all the silk in China, linen in Egypt… or anything Choo ever designs.

Woe is me I say!

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