Mama Bear (a story)

Mama Bear

Helen Reddy

A smallish, not that strong, soft voiced woman can lift a car off their kid. They can move mountains, swim oceans, and can fight whatever obstacle, whatever enemy is threatening their child. Whatever is between them and their child.

People underestimate that degree of ferocious love. Until they see a bear trying to protect her cub. Then a slow moving, friendly creature rears up and growls. Saliva dripping from her teeth. And you can feel the sincerity in the amount of ripe breath you feel on your face, even though she is several feet away from you.

You can just feel the pee dripping down your leg. You can feel your spine go cold and frozen. You know she is deadly serious.

Do not underestimate a mama bear!

She will hate you till the day you die if you hurt her kid.

She will claw you, bite you, slap you and she’ll punch you with the full force of her love for her child.

She will go toe to toe against anyone who refuses her child something they need. She’ll scare any bully who goes after her child. She will fight disease, hunger, poverty, gangs, death. All to keep her child safe.

Not every woman is a mother warrior, but those that are are ferocious. Determined. Powerful. Decisive. Ready for any attack or neglect that impacts their child.

And you won’t know till you test her if this woman standing before you is that mama bear or not.

I guess you have to ask yourself, “do you feel lucky, punk?”


That is Ellie. The person everyone discounted, She was a door mat according to her exes. Her family thought she was their slave, their whipping post. Her friends took her for granted.

But the day came when they tested her and found a spine of steel. Someone threatened her child and she turned on them with the full force of a bear and showed them her full rage. Her full hate. And all they could do was stare at her. They thought they had a slave who they could control, with no questions asked. With no doubt for their authority.

And they realized now, they were so mistaken.They had thought they had a leash on a whirlwind.

Payment was due.

They called her selfish. They called her a narcissist. They tried to say she was crazy. Till they made her choose between them and her child, she had obeyed the family.

That day, she turned on them.

She left them stunned and confused. Dismayed and horrified. They pushed her too far. And they realized it the second they saw her eyes. The second she grabbed her kid up and left them in her dust.

They had no hope of controlling her again. They never saw her again.

And to this day, they blame Ellie.

Never again did they have their whipping post, their slave. She was a ghost. And so was her child.

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