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They couldn’t bear to leave each other or to let one go to battle without the other. So Meg and Charlie went to battle together. Charlie helped Meg dress so she would be undetectable to the leaders and men around the battle zone.

And Meg was careful to be quiet and follow Charlie’s lead whenever around the other men. They told the leaders they were brothers, so they were put in the same company and barracks. They were careful about affection when others were around. As brothers, they were able to wander off and be alone sometimes, so they could have marital relations.

There were times when Meg or Charlie came close to watching their adored one die though. And that forged their bonds in blood and fear.

They didn’t have to try to explain to someone who had never been in such a situation what they were going thru. And that made it easier to talk about their experiences. Though they still saw things differently, they at least had a similar experience and view of things. So they really had no quarrel about it.

Meg and Charlie both were a bit jumpy when they were separated on the battlefield though. Not knowing from hellish second to hellish moment if their loved one was safe. But at least most days were ended with their eyes meeting in reassurance.

Their leaders got used to them wanting to work together. And they were a good team. So they were often allowed to do so. So that gave them more peace of mind. Which was noticed by the leaders. But they never thought it was more than a brother would feel, so nothing was thought of it.

Till the day Meg was seriously injured. And it was no longer about Charlie or her being able to bandage or support her injury.

That was the day that Meg was discovered…

Much talk was had about whether or not she would be allowed to continue to work with the band of warriors. If any arrangements could be made to include this one woman. If women should be allowed in.

If they should even try to fit her in, because they had been duped…

But the men all realized that Meg had been there for them whenever they needed her. Well as a colleague, or friend. She had never balked at her chores or her fights. Nothing had made her back down.

So they let her stay.

They weren’t ready to open their minds to include other women yet. But Meg had earned her place in their ranks.

But Meg and Charlie talked. That was the day they both decided to leave the company though.

It meant something different for Meg than for Charlie. Because Meg was a woman and now the company knew that, she was free to leave anytime she wished.

Charlie could not. In theory or practice. Not without leave.
So he had to go to the leaders and ask for dispensation. Not because he was afraid for himself. But because he wouldn’t stay without Meg. And she wouldn’t leave without him.

The leaders were kind enough to release Charlie, so Meg left with him.

They were sorely missed by their band of brothers.

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