the aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

the aliens are coming! the aliens are coming!

… the myth

Let’s see… this comes in stages.
The first is that aliens have been coming around, influencing humanity since the Pleistocene Epoch.
And recently that many people have been getting abducted for different lengths of time to be tested. Updates, maybe?
With or since these stories (and the radio broadcast “War of the Worlds” ) , the govt, media and the people have been spooked by the idea of an extraterrestrial race coming to earth and taking us over. It has cost and is costing billions of dollars we truly don’t have and is part of the reasoning behind the arms’ race between Earth’s superpowers. A lof ot conspiracy theories have flown around the world as well. Super race of reptiles?
Now I love a good sci fi story, and fantasy is right up my wheelhouse. And I’ve even read up on the topic as written by world experts. But I have yet to meet an alien. Maybe it’s cuzz I’ve never been to Roswell?

… the story

Carl Sagan

…. the reality

Golden ratio
distance between earth and sun
Drake equation
Ultima Thule?

2 thoughts on “the aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

  1. Posting something brief(ish) this time, just to confirm that my failed last attempt was entirely my own fault!

    So – the aliens are coming is just the sort of superstitious myth that the powerful have fed people in order to keep them in a mushroom-like state (kept in the dark and fed s**t, of course!).

    And a depressing number of people – the gullible, the uninitiated, the terminally thick – take the bait and abrogate their responsibilities for sentient thought.

    It’s been happening forever, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The OT, one of the greatest works of fiction of all time, is still regarded as the set in stone word of the Lord, whoever She may be, in certain quarters!

    When someone stands up to point out what nonsense the peddlers of superstition are talking, the immediate reaction is to shout them down, laugh at them or violently suppress them. Look at Galileo – he knew that the earth revolved around the sun, rather than the reverse, but empirical facts aren’t much use to the powerful in keeping their sheep intellectually penned in, are they? So let’s threaten the poor guy with a little light torture and get him to recant…..

    Orson Welles had the right idea…laugh at them (even he was ticked off for being irresponsible with that famous WotW broadcast). And let’s face it, with political and religious power and intolerance so closely entwined these days, in a way that would have been recognised by Galileo or the inhabitants of the Middle East around 2000 years ago, we need more and more people to stand up, laugh at both the myth-peddlers and their dupes and emphasise that the Emperor is wearing no clothes at all.

    You keep doing it, MsP – it’s a community service!


    outskirter (which I wasn’t allowed to call myself, annoyingly enough)

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