A story about the evolution of Ardi, Neo and Lucy

A story about the evolution of Ardi, Neo and Lucy

Dear cousin!

Hello! There are so many things we don’t know about each other, so I thought I’d write you a letter. It might be closer to the truth than a room full of scientists who are making guestimates from their tools, proxies, and gases could ever get.
What?? You don’t think I can write?? Well I can hold tools, and make pretty drawings, so I guess what I lacked was a decipherable alphabet? Hmm maybe… Or maybe you just haven’t found it yet?
You think I’m a monkey or an ape, don’t you? Well I can walk across the grasses just like you. Just because climbing trees is easier with four limbs, doesn’t make me a monkey. It’s faster, esp when something is chasing you. Or when you want to sleep in the crook of a tree so you’re safer from predators, right? I know cousin, you chose to live in houses in cities, didn’t you?
That may be why you’re still around? Or 100s of other explanations/theories that no one knows for sure which is right. The climate sure has changed from when I was young, and more so from grand-daddy’s day. He tells stories of bad winds, and the earth moving both land and sea. Something about the warm getting into the earth and making a mess of things. Do you have that too?
And there are stories about fire-rocks or comets coming from the sky. And not just comets either! Some say they’ve seen space ships! Can you imagine?? They say they learned things from them space people that taught them how to live better than us cousins. We’ll see! I never saw a space ship. That’s all I know!
Oh so many things can change our world, can’t they? Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, tsunamis….Fights between generations of gods and goddesses. Aliens.
The earth or the gods were pretty testy with us. Have things changed? That kind of thing would chase any monkey away from the area. My cousins get scared of these things. So when it gets bad, they move away from here. I miss them!
Let’s change the subject….My mouth and jaws are getting narrower than my cousins the monkey and ape have, so there are those who believe I was just on the edge of talking too. Grunts and motions can certainly make one understood if you all make the same ones, right?
Why do you feel so sure you’re supreme to me, when you know there is still genetic similarity between us. And even more between you, the chimp and the bonobo. Are you sure you’re not an ape? Or a younger me?
My lover came over today and proved he could take care of me, by giving me a bunch of edibles. You know, nuts, fruits, seeds, grubs… They were tasty and I was in the mood, so we rutted a bit. He’s not bad. A bit speedy… Has that changed much for you? Yeah well, males are males, I guess. He’s sleeping now, which left me bored and wanting to chat some.
So here we are!
My mom had more kids when they had a poly group than I will ever have, but she is dead and maybe having fewer kids will mean I get to live longer? Again, we’ll see! How many babies do you have in your age, cousin?
Some of my cousins are starting to eat small game. They say they don’t have to eat as often. But they get sore bellies and bad breath! Some of us have decided it’s just not worth the change. We have to graze more but gosh do they stink! And they have to eat the food right away! Ours stores for ages! If we weren’t so hungry, that might be important.
Ok, cousin, does that give you an idea of who I am, and maybe show we’re not so different? I hope so! Gee i do wish we could meet somehow! Oh well. Probably not!?
Do take care of yourself cousin! I’m proud to have gotten this chance to tell you a bit about myself.

Love, from your cousin!


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