baby new year at the dungeon (a story)

baby new year at the dungeon!

The dungeon board was chatting awhile back about how to make NYE more than a booze and skirt chase. More than depravity. So they thought of having a charity do. Have some people do something out of character to raise funds.

They came up with having a role switch. Of people who didn’t typically switch. I mean sometimes the hunter wants to be prey, and sometimes the top wants to be a bottom. But it is rare that a daddy dom will switch with their baby girl…

There were a couple daddies on the board and at first they nayed the idea, then they hemmed and hawed. After all it was for charity. And it was true, it’d make a splash. That alone was worth thinking about. It would raise money.

But were they secure enough to take the ribbing from their mates and maybe even their babies?

Now that was the hardest part for them. What would their babies think? Would it undermine their relationship?

The daddies asked for a break to talk to their girls before they agreed or not.

They explained the principles and why they’d even consider doing it to their babies. And they heard their giggles at the thought of their daddies in diapers, bonnets with a dummy in their mouths. And waited for them to settle down, before they asked the needed serious questions. Then left the babies to think about their answers.

Later that day, they heard the responses. It was just a costume to raise charity monies. Daddy was still daddy.
Thus reassured, the men went to the next board meeting. And gave their yays.

The plan was kept quiet. All the members were told was they had a surprise charity draw for NYE.

When the evening arrived, the board’s daddy doms arrived dressed for an adult evening out. Suits and ties, with a bit of colour for the celebrations. Like a hankie or a top hat in a bright colour. Until they got the cue from the CEO of the board and went to change.

They came out together, in their gear, carrying their babies’ biggest stuffies for support. And maybe to hide a bit of their diapers? Or skin?

The crowd weren’t sure whether they should laugh or faint in shock! Laughing behind their sleeves won out. They knew it had to be difficult for the men. But they did insist on some pictures, for posterity. In case these men ever got too big a head lol.

The bids started to come in almost immediately. For pictures with the man-baby and their stuffy. For ones where they were in a crib the dungeon had rented for the night. And for a picture of their little holding them on their laps and telling them a story. It was really silly and cute.
And a lot of money was raised for the charity.

About half way thru the night, the men changed back into their suits. but it took a good while before people stopped seeing them in diapers.

At home? Their little had a giggle now and then when they thought of their daddies in a diaper. But things were back to normal pretty much the first time their daddies put on their stern look or gave them a beam full of pride. It was gone with the first saying of “good girl”.

And the charities were thrilled with the money they raised. Even though a little stunned at the how. The money was well used.

Would they consider doing it again in a year or two?… hmmmm!!

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