are men doing more domestic labour/chores?

Are men doing more domestic labour/chores?

Why should men pick up household duties and child care?

  • Because he just might want to get laid now and then?
  • Because a clean house has more equity than a filthy one?
  • Because his wife and he will fight less?
  • Most men don’t fix or repair things that break down, or do yard work since they live in condos, apts, or townhouses with some kind of property mgmt team. Or the tools are too complex for him to know how to fix. So does he sit and watch tv while she does two jobs?
  • She works now too, in more cases than not.
  • And srsly last thing that she wants is a man-sized child.
  • As for the kids, they’re his too!

Factors: what has changed?

… there are more tools

that take over tasks women used to do.
So how much work actually has to be done by an adult human? ie vaccum cleaner and swiffer for floors, microwave for heating meal, frozen dinners, electric irons for pressing clothes, washers and dryers for cleaning clothes…

the house sits empty

a lot of the day
and when home, they do more sleeping than anything, so the biggests tasks are dusting and laundry. The adults are at work and the kids are at a sitter’s or school.

fifty % of marriages

end in divorce,
so there are two households. Mom is not going to dad’s to clean his place.

…. resources

penn state
splinter news
univ of Maryland

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