hidden treasures app (an erotic story)

Hidden Treasures App

Steff had had enough of being alone and sad. Enough of going to bars and trying to get over her shyness. She just wanted to get laid. So she went thru her phone’s apps and found one that seemed to be getting some attention recently in her area. There were lots of hotties in the pictures, And the minute she put her details into the site, she got lots of looks and thumbs up. And she was notified about messages within 10 minutes of joining.

At first the messages were for coffee or drinks’ dates. And srsly if she had wanted that, Steff would have joined an ordinary dating site. She just wanted to get laid. What did she have to do? Go walk down the street in stillettos and a mini skirt?

Then she got a ping…

There was a man from the site near her. It said within ten feet. Steff looked at his picture quickly and practically drooled! Gawd he was hot! She twirled around and found him. He found her. And he smiled. And started walking toward her!! She smiled back and walked towards him.

When they reached each other, he took her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist. And asked if she was game. Steff nodded. Oh yeah!

There was a motel across the road and they booked in and got their room keys.

As soon as they were inside the room, he grabbed her and placed the longest wettest kiss she had ever gotten before on her. And she practically fell at his feet. Then she did! And she unzipped him. Then blew him like he was something she had been starving for for eons! And he seemed to be into it too. What with all the groans and moans he was putting out. He pulled out long enough to cum all over her face.

Then he pushed her onto the bed and pulled her panties down from under her skirt. And dove his head in between her legs. And started lapping her like a dog at the water dish. Steff was just about to correct him, when he started sucking her clit and she bucked up into his face. Grinding into it.

He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her. Riding her like he was going for a drum solo rather than having sex. Steff looked at him like he had lost his mind. But then he slowed down and started acting like he knew what he was doing. There seemed to be two men in this bed with ehr. One who was crap at sex and one who knew what he was doing.

Steff was tired of the crap artist. So she flipped him over and sat on him. And made sure she had the control now. First the slow glide that drove them both a bit nuts. Then a steady rocking rhythm that worked them into a frenzy. And she started cumming in waves. And he joined her.

There! That was much better. They lay there on the bed for a few minutes, then he got up to take off the condom. And she grabbed her panties and purse and ran out the door.

They had done what she had wanted. And she wasn’t sure she wanted to talk to a perfect stranger.

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