virtue signalling or living right

virtue signalling or living right?

do no harm, do no evil

I’m sure you’ve heard about the three wise monkeys? It’s a tale often told when people describe how you should interact with others. But I’m not sure it adequately describes or presents what life includes.

I think behind each monkey rep or virtue signaller is often a crowd of other monkeys who throw poop, laugh and point fingers. That look like they’re smiling, but really it’s baring their teeth in rage. And in the back are the rabble rousers and spies who go from group to group, gathering intel.
Because in a world where evil is the focus, you always have evil as your focus.
What you ask for is what you get.
Esp when dealing with people you will never meet in your life. Who may or may not live in Antarctica or Iceland… What do they lose by kicking up a fuss after all?

But what if we went thru our days, looking for things other than what trolls and drama llamas wanted to show us? Is there anything else?
Yes there is! How about love?

Somewhere in all of this very human nature, when dealing with a crowd. there are a few things you have to remember to do.

  • Think for yourself
  • Remember to keep clear of the poop
  • Never forget that whether we have hair or not, we’re still wild primates.
  • Try to act like you know what love and peace are

Because mobs kill.

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