positive criticism

positive criticism

positive criticism
I know it’s hard to give and take criticism, but there are ways to do it that make it more palatable for both parties involved. I tend to prefer my critics to be someone who I trust, who is generally a fan of what I’m trying to achieve, has some experience in what I’m trying to do, and phrases things in a positive way. If you raise your voice, or use vulgar language, you’ve lost me. That isn’t criticism IMO
If you want to know more:


A recommended set of instructions that aims to collaboratively improve the overall quality of a product or service. Often containing helpful and specific suggestions for positive change, constructive criticism is highly focused on a particular issue or set of issues, as opposed to providing general feedback on the item or organization as a whole.

6 tips on giving positive criticism

1. feedback sandwich – PIP, which stands for Positive-Improvement-Positive
2. Constructive criticism focuses on the situation, not the person.
3. Be specific with your feedback
4. Comment on things that are actionable
5. Give recommendations on how to improve
6. When providing criticism, do so within what you know as fact about the person and the subject. Don’t make assumptions

6 tips to receive criticism positively

1. Stop Your First Reaction. Try to stay calm.
2. Remember the Benefit of Getting Feedback
3. Listen for Understanding
4. Say Thank You
5. Ask Questions to Deconstruct the Feedback
6. Request Time to Follow Up

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