crossing the floor – POV writings

Crossing the Floor – POV writings

It’s fun to put yourself in the shoes of another, but I think you have to try to be sensitive towards the fact that much as you may think you know, you are not them!
I mean i know what groin pain feels like, I gave birth to a child. Can you spell episiotomy? (memory winces are a thing!) The first bowel movement after labour is hell(ish). Much like being constipated for a week. 😦 (You might want to get on that!)

I have yet to be kicked in the balls though. Though they do say the two things are similar in pain, I have yet to hear a guy who hasn’t done serious damage say that his pain has gone on for 36-48 hours every 3 -5 minutes. Have you? (If so, please do see a doctor!)

I also have yet to have kidney stones, and they say the delivery of those blighters thru a penis is hell(ish) as well. And if they are at all similar, this might actually last the full 36-48 hours. (You have my sympathy!)

But this isn’t about pain, this is about putting something you know to be true from experiencing it, into the writing of something you can absolutely not know anything about.

Some people use it to claim they understand gender politics, when they have never lived as the other. Some use it to give advice, when they have never lived in the other person’s shoes or culture. And some use it to blame, shame and mock someone they think is being a drama queen. When they are telling you their truth.

It’s why I don’t write about things like erectile dysfunction though. I am aware and fully cognisant of performance anxiety. Yet I don’t know how that defines how you feel about yourself as a man.

Or the transgender transition issues. I know how female people are treated in the world, but I’ve always had to deal with that. I’ve never been treated otherwise and felt the change in attitude, or the outright rage that other men
might displace onto them due to their own insecurities.

It is however fun to write a fiction story and take on the character of a man in a way that I can identify with. And most people would take no issue with me doing that. They would just laugh if I got it wrong. unless it appeared to be hate inspired, rather than curiousity. Or imagination.

It’s a hard thing to do with any reality, sympathy, And I think it’s best left in the hands of someone who lives it, mostly.

But what do I know? I’m a woman! And we all know (:P) it’s a man’s world! So I guess if anyone can discuss a woman’s POV, it should be … (wait for it!) an MAN! #amiright??

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