Unrequited Love (a story)

Unrequited Love

Maxine Nightingale
Lead Me On

Patrick was so much of everything Genie had ever wanted in a man. Smart, sexy, funny, successful, kind… There was only one problem. Patrick only saw her as a friend.

I have often heard you say
You love me as a friend
But I love you more than anyone
You know I can’t pretend no longer

Genie had tried everything that had ever worked for her before to get Patrick to fall for her. She was his football mate, his pool shark, his card partner…. she was his chef and tailor…. his sounding board, his cheer leader…. and she put on her absolute best glad rags to knock his socks off. She saw that he enjoyed her company and saw the glimmer of lust in his eyes. And there was that one night they kissed under the mistletoe. And Patrick almost went for more, but he caught himself. She knew he was into her, just not enough to do what she wanted. He said he didn’t want to lead her on… Genie said it was ok for them to be FWBs. She could handle it.

Come on and lead me on
Tease me all night long
I’d rather be a fool with a broken heart
Than someone who never had a part of you

Genie wished that Patrick would be a little less honourable, but then he wouldn’t be the gentleman she respected, would he? But the last thing she wanted to be to Patrick was friend-zoned. She wanted a chance to show him how good they could be in bed, Because she lusted after him. And she had shown him every aspect of her she thought he might fall for. She made it so he enjoyed her company. A lot!.

You know I told you from the start
Exactly how I feel
Time goes on, seems nothing’s changed
I’m in love for real
We have never played the games
That real lovers do
So maybe we are better off
But, baby, I’d still like this from you

So Genie started bringing the intimacy a bit closer, and a bit closer. To show Patrick how good they were together. Or at least could be. She started being more flirtatious, asked him to dance and found ways to make it dirty, and let their natural friendly affection hang on a bit longer. And she saw that Patrick was noticing. And starting to respond. But still he was a gentleman. Blast him!

So finally she stopped acting and sat with him one night at her place. She told him how much she respected the fact he seemed to want to protect her from herself, but she was a grown woman and didn’t need him to make decisions for her.

And moved closer and closer to him.

Come on and lead me on
Come on and tease me all night long
Lovin’ you I know it’s right
I’ll always need you, I’ll never leave you

Come on and lead me on
Tease me all night long
I’d rather be a fool with a broken heart
Than someone who never had a part of you

But Patrick said no. Gently but firmly. It was the nicest let down she had ever had. He kissed her and left her apt. Genie was pretty sure he heard her start to cry, but he kept walking out.

Genie had tried everything. Now she’d be alone.

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