Decimated Promises (a story)

Decimated Promises

Melody walked up to Osiris, prepared to be judged and found wanting as she had been all her life. By even herself. Feeling sure she would be punished for her crimes of never measuring up to anyone’s standards of what a woman should be; as a girl, a daughter, a friend, a lover and even as a mother considering what she had done for him.

Instead, Osiris took one look in her eyes, and held out his arms to her. Gave her the biggest comforting hug he had in him. He thought it was well past time that she felt safe and loved, and a tear ran down his cheek. Mourning the life this poor woman had had.

Then he told her the truth about the people who had failed and used her…

He told her that there was a common story that she had never known before, that it was the Name of the Game . Those who asked for honesty and respect were greeted with shams and false promises. And blamed themselves, instead of their villain. That this began and failed to end for generations.

And he could see the scream building in her eyes. Osiris covered his ears and said, “Let her rip!”

And at the top of her scream, he heard other women’s voices join in.

Those who were used sang out, till the halls of the afterlife rang out, You Ougtta Know! with her and she felt heard. You could see it growing in her eyes, knowing now that she wasn’t the only one.

Those who had been harmed as a child, by someone who was supposed to care for them and instead took advantage chose to sing Janie’s Got a Gun and the anthem of retribution rang out. There were some male souls singing with the women. And Osiris saw the acknowlegement build in her eyes again, that she wasn’t at fault. That she wasn’t alone.

And thru the halls of heaven and hell rose the song Independence Day for the horror of watching their mother fight for her life, then let desperation and horror take over and prepare a final solution. And in one fell swoop, losing their childhood. Everything they ever knew or loved taken away. But the worst cost was their innocense.

Melody heard the chorus of mothers who had given up their right to be a mother; wives who gave up their right to be a wife; women who gave up their right to be a woman of strength and independence. Just for choosing the wrong man. And she sang along, in full and true harmony. Feeling every word in her soul. And as she hit the crecendo, she saw a beast made of flies forming… called Mr Hurricane

I stopped bein’ the victim
But you weren’t there to see
I never felt bitter
Till you crippled me
I felt like a refugee from the pain
I had to wear that shroud with no shame
Deceit and lies
Were your crying game
I never fell in love so deeply in vain

Melody felt the flies go thru her heart and soul, then felt the relief of their absence. And her soul was mended as she met the parents she was meant to have, the man who was her soul mate and their children. And realized why she had agreed to this soul contract. And grew and grew. Into the woman she had been intended to be.

He gave her the judgement seat for those who had hurt her, and their souls heard the decree::

“For all you’ve done, in the name of duty and responsibility, leaving me feeling ashamed and lonely, afraid and diminished by thee, I set myself free from your talons! You’ll never again have any part of me!”

Osiris joined in the chorus of celebration as he saw her full beauty and grace. And called for Isis to greet her as they sang Hallelujah together and watched Melody ascend to the heavens with tears on his face.

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