Piekla (a story about hellhounds)


Kundel and Suka were laying by their fave fire, having a nap, when Suka heard her name being called in the world. Someone was blaming a woman for doing what a man has done many times before and had put it to song. By the end of the song, Suka was awake and snarling, ready to hunt. Kundel perked an ear and slanted his eye at her and let her have her rant. Better the silly mortal than him. There was no need for him to be chivalrous. He knew she was a skilled huntress.

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od)
The woman was born to lie
Makes promises she can’t keep
With the wink on an eye

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od)
Brother, you’ve been deceived
It’s bound to change you mind
About all you believe

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od)
The bitch is in her smile
The lie is on her lips
Such an evil child


So Suka went off in a rage and hunted out the writer of such a song. And he was found the next morning, slain with something the coroner had never seen before. But it looked like a dog’s talon. Only there was no dog in the house, no wild canines nearby either. He put it in his odd file and went back to cases he could solve. And Suka went home, covered in blood. Kundel was happy to help her groom herself. It ended with them rutting beside the fire.

Another night Kundel and Suka were just relaxing, nuzzling each other and they heard a woman singing of heart break and being called names for standing up again and moving on. Suka snarled, but she was smiling too. Kundel was feeling all chivalrous, so he went on the hunt for the stupid man who didn’t see strength as an asset. And made a woman cry needlessly.

I know you’d like it if I stayed home and cried
But that ain’t gonna happen, here’s the reason why
When we did it, I’ll admit it, wasn’t satisfied
When the gun was loaded you were never on my side
I’m popping bottles that you can’t even afford
I’m throwing parties and you won’t get in the door
Said it, did it, loved it, hated it
I don’t care no more
Tell me how it feels to be ignored


Kundel found the man, skulking outside her house, making a nuisance of himself. So he taught him a lesson about male pride and honour. Before he slashed his leg and left him limping to the hospital for stitches. With a story that got him admitted to the psych ward for evaluaton. Hellhounds with fiery eyes and a gaping maw that was bigger than his head? Sure buddy!
Kundel went back to the fire and Suka nuzzled him until she was sure he knew she appreciated his values. He did like her tongue baths!

It seems the men had yet to learn, Suka thought. She had been patrolling the halls of hell when she heard her name being called again. So she told Kundel where she was going and why. He offered to come with her. Suka didn’t need him to, but sometimes hunting together was fun, so she agreed.

I entertain by picking brains
Sell my soul, by dropping names
I don’t like those! My God, what’s that!
Oh, it’s full of nasty habits when the bitch gets back.
I can bitch, I can bitch ’cause I’m better than you
It’s the way that I move, the things that I do oh

Elton John

They found the author of the song and chased him thru the park near his house. Making him scream and cry, before they slaughtered him right on the steps of his house. When he had thought he was almost to safety. The coroner noticed the talons again and made a call to a few friends to see if they knew of such a weapon. Suka and Kundel went back to their fire and groomed each other in satisfaction. They were thrilled by their night’s pursuit and had a frenzied rut in celebration.
They were glad they had taught the humans about words and their power once again.

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