trance (a story)


Alexia had a headache all day and couldn’t concentrate on anything she tried to do. She kept twisting the taps in her house, because she heard water dripping. But she couldn’t find where it was coming from. No matter how many lights she had on, she felt like the room was dark. She felt sick, like she was coming down with the flu or had morning sickness. Um no, it wasn’t that! And she had trouble keeping her balance like she had an ear infection, or a concussion.
Alexia knew that something was wrong, but she couldn’t pin-point the source. So she tried to push it out of her head. But it was getting harder and harder. So she laid down to have a nap.
It was the worst, bar none, mistake she had made in a long time.
She felt like the weight of the world was on her and she could hardly breathe. And she hurt, like someone had beaten her half to death. And all she could hear was water, all she could feel was water. And she started to choke. Like she was drowning.
Alexia woke up in fear.
For days, that was Alexia’s experience, every time she laid down. She actually became scared to sleep. She ended up going to the doctor to see if there was something wrong. Blood tests and a chest xray later, she was told she was healthy. And given some pills to help her sleep.
The pills actually made it worse for her. She had the sensation that she was held down. Like she was trapped. And the nausea became worse, as did the dizzy, off-kilter feeling. She was even less sure of what was real. And her dreams became more intense. So she stopped taking them.
One day, she turned on the TV to get out of her head, and caught the announcer of the news mention a missing girl. And Alexia saw her little face and just knew it was her.
So Alexia went to a friend’s house and had her do a tarot reading to see if they could solve the mystery behind this girl’s disappearance. Then they got a divining stick out and a map and chanted till the stick doused for them. And they went to the place. Where they found a spigot that was dripping. A freshly dug hole that had been recovered. And was really wet ground.
They called the police and told them what they had found. Alexia said they had been walking and happened upon the site. The police weren’t sure what to think, but admitted it looked like something was wrong.
So the officers started digging, fairly quickly too.
And they found the girl from the TV.
The little girl was barely alive. They weren’t sure if she would survive, or if she’d want to. Alexia held her till the ambulance got there. Singing a lullaby to her to keep her calm and grounded in reality.
When the girl was in the ambulance, on her way to the hospital, Alexia broke down crying. She couldn’t imagine being the poor kid. She prayed to the mother goddess to carry the child in her arms. And thanked her for sharing the vision that saved the child’s life.

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