Who Built Canada?

Who Built Canada?

Canada has it’s own separate history in the greater one of how North America was found and settled. You may have heard of Christopher Columbus and 1492. And perhaps you heard of the Mayflower and Ellis Island. And maybe the war of 1812 and the tea tipped into the water to rebel against high taxes. But that is in fact the history of the United States. Our neighbours to the south of the 49th parallel.
Canada has it’s own identity. Unique to ourselves. And much as the USA tried and keeps trying, we’re not USA North, their annex.
We do have a similar history, which began with the crossing of the landbridge between Russia and Alaska. But tribes here evolved in their own ways, and different immigrant groups came after the lands were discovered. Re-discovered?
We’re a country that began with wars between the first peoples, Some of our own explorers, forts for soldiers, fur hunters and settlers, and farms founded mostly by poor immigrants given lottery lots to clear and build. And little villages of stores, banks, saloons, and whatever other services the people here were thought to need to survive and maybe have a few luxuries.
Then the railroads went up, the slaves and loyalists came north and the war of !812 was fought and won. Our side won and the USA still tries to enter Canada again, whether by trade or by art/media. They just can’t take no for an answer, can they?
Our borders tend to be more open than theirs do, for refugees and immigrants, and we don’t go to war every time they say they gotta be the world’s police or bully. I mean GOTTA!! You can thank our govt for that! Since we have our own and all.
Because of how we began, we have two nat’l languages and a province or two keeps threatening to split off and join the USA. So far, we’ve managed to smoothe over the turmoil. One time it took martial law as a matter of fact. We have civil conflicts/riots/rebellions, not civil war.
We are known around the world as a friend in need and in trade. And we go to lengths to be courteous and fair in our dealings. Unlike our neighbour to the south. Peoples like us!
We are a member of the Commonwealth Nations and the USA is not. All because we didn’t go to war to get our nappies taken off by the Queen. We just asked nice and all. We used our words. We’re known for that. It was an easy toilet training for us.
So that is the short version of Canada.
And me? Most (one exception?) of my family lines came here before Canada became even a Dominion. Something to be proud of.
If you want more info (are you a history buff or summat??), check below:


Vikings- L’Anse aux Meadows
French – Port Royal, Acadia
English – Cuper’s Cove, Nfld


New France
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick – United Empire Loyalists
the Canadas – Upper (Ontario) , Lower (Quebec)


Hudson’s Bay Company
North West Company


North West Mounted Police
Dominion Police


Chinese – railroads


American slaves – underground railroad
Queen’s Bush


Ireland, England – convicts to St John’s Nfld


Quebec Act 1774
Canada Act 1791
Dominion or Confederaton of Canada – 1867
federal union in which the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada joined together to form the Dominion of Canada — a new country.
the constitution Act of Canada- Pierre Elliott Trudeau – 1982


1867 Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

1870 Manitoba, Northwest Territories

1871 British Columbia

1873 Prince Edward Island

1898 Yukon

1905 Alberta, Saskatchewan

1949 Newfoundland and Labrador

1999 Nunavut

govt of Canada

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