Ode to Minnie (a story)

Ode to Minnie

Minnie the Moocher – lyrics
Cab Calloway

Victoria’s fave song was Minnie the Moocher. Do I have to say why? I mean for most people the reasoning is simple. It’s a good song. A classic.
But for Victoria, it was her life, almost. She had a girlfriend she loved to bits. Who was as real as real could be. Her GF loved her to bits and treated her like a princess. Anything she wanted, Victoria got.
But every night in her dreams, Victoria has visions of every and any way in which her life could be different, better. In her dreams, she’s never satisfied.
Victoria could have a bigger house, live in a different country. Have a fantastic partner, sexier, prettier, more voracious. She could be a torch singer, a flame, a princess, a queen. And they could snap their fingers and have any toy they ever wanted.
Sometimes it was just having her own GF, but with the same political views and religion. She was just tired of having the same ole debates, all week long!
During the day though, Victoria and her GF were decently happy. They had good friends and they got along pretty well with their families. And their jobs, bosses, and coworkers were cool. I mean they’d never get rich or be the CEO of a fortune 500 company. But they had savings and they got to vacation away for a week now and then. So pretty good stuff, right? I mean most people would at least be content, right?
But Victoria?… she wanted her Queen.

Skeedle-a-booka-diki biki
skeedly beeka gookity woop!
A-booriki-booriki-booriki hoy!

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