crime reporter’s POV (a story)

Crime Reporter’s POV – Woman found dead in a motel room

(if you wrote a crime story)

A young woman was found stabbed to death this evening in a motel room on the outskirts of town. Police say she had just left her husband and gone to the motel to make decisions about her future.
A detective on the case said whoever had stabbed her had been brutal and angry as they had stabbed her multiple times. There were no hesitation lacerations and no defense wounds. So the woman had either been surprised, surrounded, or had known her assailant. The detective said it was early days in the investigation, so they were looking at all possibilities. The coroner had red flagged the autopsy, since it was such a violent attack and no suspect was arrested as yet.
The motel is known to the police to be the gathering place of a motorcycle gang. A notorious one that runs prostitutes and drugs. This gang has a violent and nuisance-fillled history in the town and neighbours near the motel were set to jump on them being the culprits for the most part.
But the stabbing itself was unusual for a gang method of killing. Any prior death linked to them was either by gun or by drug overdoses that were suspected to be forced upon the victim, rather than self inflicted.
A neighbourhood witness said the owner of the motel was seen by the neighbourhood to be a “sketchy guy”. There was a lot of gossip and very little fact known about him. The witness didn’t want to leave his name in fear of reprisal. By either the gang or the motel owner.
When notified of his wife’s death, her husband turned pale and stopped talking immediately. This reporter has seen many reactions but that seemed odd.
The victim’s friend was with the husband and broke down in tears. He just patted her shoulder and kept looking at the officer. Which seemed odd as well to this reporter.
At this time, the detective in charge of the case couldn’t give us a suspect. But hoped to close the case quickly with the help of the forensics team. He was reassuring that he didn’t think that anyone else in the community was in immediate danger.
The body of the young woman will be held at the morgue, pending autopsy. No funeral plans have been discussed as yet.

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