Complexity – Juliet Street

Complexity – Juliet Street

Earth: Final Conflict

The war inside yourself as portrayed by a brilliant mind. When you go between tradition and beast, without skipping a beat. Between group thought and individuality, is there a field we can all walk on?.
Because you think in a different stream than anyone else does. Give you a computer and a math game and you’ll play for hours, or change the world with a virus or simple program. Or who knows? Maybe you’ll change the galaxy? In a stroke or two.
Able to think beyond most people’s ken, but they still treat you like a child? Maybe they treat you like you’ve lost your mind? Or is that what you call protection of an asset? It’s a judgment call, I guess?
The world revolves, philosophy changes and you manage to stay in the know. On top, never left behind, with a mind that can grasp many dimensons in a way few earth children can. But you’re never the one given power or let loose of the chains to your terminal? Only if there is noone else to go.
When everything around you is chaotic, in flux and never again will be sane? And you make sense of it all… why are you the one who takes the barked orders?
It’s a funny world when no matter who you run into, they don’t see you as their solution or their equal. Let alone the smartest one in the room. Hmm That is a question worth a moment’s pondering, or two.

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