the rise and fall of a star

The rise and fall of a star

Whether you mean the star in the night sky or your fave rocker or sports star, there is a pattern they have to adhere to. And very few can bust out of it.
You begin with a young star that is full of hope and light. Vim and vigor. They haven’t had anything to really discourage them. With a little time in the space dust, they might waiver a bit. Not with anxiety, but with frustration.
Finally they reach their zenith and really hit their stride. Some realize at that point that there is no further to reach and become jaded by the travel dust they pick up on their journey. The gas of the planets that move near them in their galaxy. The changing of time and season. And the eyes on them. Fads, in the world of pop culture and trends and traditions in folk.
And then comes the wane . The star might get another shot at glory, but it’s not as they were. Some people are fascinated by youth, some by a star that starts to burn out, obviously. We all like to watch stars burn out, right?
Some stars explode.and become something else . A supernova or a black hole. Shining brighter or sucking everything into their vortex that comes too close.
And some stars fade away.
Just like some of the masters of the art world, the stars you can actually see in the sky are already dead .
When even the best lens can no longer see any stage of a stars evolution, we can mourn it’s passing and know it won’t return. No matter how hard it tries.
Unlike human stars, the ones in the sky cannot reinvent themselves to become relevant again.


ps. Blame all the sci fi I’ve been watching lately. My head is in the galaxy. Nooo it’s not always!! lol

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