Dommie at the bikers’ bar (a story)

Dommie at the Bikers’ Bar

Dommie had a friend she worked with. Her friend’s husband was in a biker’s club.
One night Dommie was invited to join them at a bar their club often hung out at. Dommie accepted.
Dommie had a few doubts about what to wear, but settled on her jean jacket and jeans with leather spiked heels. Sort of down dress, but not really when she added a silky top and some beaded cuffs for her wrists. Somewhat of a rocker chick vibe? And Dommie was def a rocker chick! Old school!
Her friend introduced Dommie to her husband and a couple of his friends when they got there. It seems her friend from work hung in the high echelon of the club, which surprised Dommie a bit. She seemed like such a giggle puss at work, but a straight shooter too. They always had a good time when they worked together. Sometimes they went for coffee to decompress afterwards as well.
There was a live band that night, and the guys were kind enough to ask Dommie to dance and things hit a new level of fun when one of the guys started dirty dancing with Dommie. She matched his steps and groove and they were getting sweatier and laughing as they danced. When the song was over, they noticed an audience had collected around them, who clapped when they moved off the floor. So they took their bows and smiled.
A few times during the evening, Dommie noticed packets being shifted hand to hand, and made a point of turning away. Not her house, not her business. She just stayed close to her friend and minded her own fun. Which included more dirty dancing with her new pal.
The band was good, the dancing was awesome and she and her table were having fun, telling ribald jokes and chatting, when they could hear above the music.
Dommie was introduced to the bar owner. An ex rider of the club. He looked like a pretty rough guy, but was nothing but a gentleman to Dommie. He said she was welcome to visit whenever she wanted to. Dommie thought she just might take him up on that. It was a fun bar and the music was awesome.
Dommie’s new pal gave her his phone number, if she wanted to dirty dance with him again. She was happy to know that he and his girlfriend hung out at the bar a lot.
It looked like Dommie had a new watering hole. The worst thing that happened to her was that she had a blister on her heel cuzz her shoes were still new. And she had done a lot of dancing.
Some places, people and music just set up a great night of fun. It seemed like Dommie had fit right in.
Dommie the biker chick? Not quite! But she could get along in a lot of different circles.

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