Dommie at a card table (a story)

Dommie at a Card Table

Dommie had that one guy pal, who once he realized that she could play a decent fourth at euchre or poker, kept calling her to be his partner when a guy friend had to beg out. Which was fine, cuzz Dommie liked to play cards, and she liked her guy pal. And mostly he had good taste in friends.
Dommie was never sure if her pal had a chat with them about minding their manners with her before she arrived though. Cuzz these red neck, blue collar guys never hit on her, drunk or sober. They treated her like one of the guys. So a fun evening was had by all, without anything weird to ruin it.
Or maybe it was about her outfit? She wore her scruffies when she went to his place for cards. Dommie wanted to be comfy sitting in a chair for hours, with beer swilling, cigar smoking, pizza stuffed men. And she didn’t want her good clothes to get that stench into them. Or even that memory attached to them. So she wore loose jeans that had a few paint splashes on them and a loose tee or sweat top that she didn’t have to wear a bra under. And her runners and socks. If she had a baseball cap on backwards, she’d look more guy than some of them did. So was that part of it?
And seriously, Dommie and her pal ruled the table when they played together. So maybe they were intimidated?
Maybe not quite intimidated enough though? Cuzz they had a nasty habit that Dommie had no idea how to curb, and she’d never tolerate in a sub. But she laughed off, cuzz you know…guy domain.
The habit? It seemed they thought it was funny to find a seam in their jeans that had popped a few stitches, near their butthole. For all Dommie knew, they had worked at it specifically to have that open area. Once the beer started flowing, the blue flames started popping.
One guy was so good, it sounded like more than wind was coming. Dommie avoided sitting too close to him. She was really glad she didn’t have any hair spray on and wore roller deodorant as well.
Oh well, Dommie had fun with the cards and her guy pal and she looked at the blue flames as the ill wind she’d endure for that fun night out together.

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