Dommie went to karaoke night (a story)

Dommie Went to Karaoke Night

Dommie was dragged out to a karaoke bar by a few friends who thought she needed a night out. Away from job and household responsibilities. Well, it didn’t take much dragging really. She thought a break and a girls’ night out sounded fun.
So they got dolled up and went to the club. Standard bar, really. Where work men go at the end of their week. There were a few college kids around as well. Not a big surprise since there was a campus up the road.
Dommie and her friends received some positive attention. And they started playing their game of which guy would give which pick up line. You know, the usuals right?
Well most of the guys came to the table, bought a round of drinks for everyone and hit on their choice of which friend they were into. Dommie and her friends were laughing. But they played along, harmlessly. Then sent them away having had their moment of attention.
About half way thru the night Dommie heard that a man was dedicating a song to her. She was curious. And out came… Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel . Dommie smiled and went back to talking to her friends. I mean it was a standard pick up line, right? He got points for singing it though. And in a register most men find hard. On key and in rhythm. Plus she liked the song. But still, a pick up line, and she wasn’t into him.
So she and her friends were back to chatting and paying loose attention to the rotation of singers. Waiting for their turns to get up and sing too.
When along came the guy again,.. Who dedicated another song to her. This time he sang Wish I Had an Angel , and Dommie was impressed. She liked the song and he did well. Dommie smiled and blew him a kiss. But shook her head no when he looked like he was heading over. Dommie waved her hand at her friends and herself. Like she preferred their company to his. Which she did. Especially if he was looking for an angel.
But this time, she decided to respond and show him he was barking up the wrong tree. Her request came in and she got up to sing, dedicating the song back to him Devil Woman .
Dommie saw his eyes light up at his name being called, then his face fell when he heard the choice…
Dommie guessed he was out looking for a good girl and had just found out that it wasn’t her.
When she got back to the table, Dommie’s friends were teasing her a bit about his efforts at getting her attention. They chatted for a few minutes and Dommie heard her name again. Different guy though. This time the dedication was Black Magic Woman .
Dommie looked him up and down and smiled at him. But refused his overture as well. But at least he was on the right wave length.
When her group was leaving at the end of the night though, he offered her his card. She graciously accepted it. And went out of the bar with her friends.
After all, he was cute and had read her right. It was a good start. You never know what the future holds, right?

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