the alien woman and the equilizers (a story)

The alien woman and the equilizers

The alien woman decided to return to earth one last time.

She found a smart, sassy, independent woman and asked her about the state of the world. The Domme said she thought women should have a chance at running the show. Maybe it was our turn. And all. The alien woman thought about that … and thought about that. I mean how could it go wrong? 😛

She found another woman and asked her. This woman said she thought men and women had strengths and weaknesses, and maybe they should just learn to share power and control. She sent the alien woman to a male friend and he agreed. The two switches had often had this very discussion. The alien woman thought that might be a better way, more like her world at least.

She ran into a man who seemed such a clever and polite guy, and so happy to help her, when she expressed her doubts. The male sub explained that what she had seen so far was one interpretation of how the real world ran, but she needed to go beyond the BDSM crowd. He sent her to a fetishist, an exhibitionist and voyeur, and a kinkster who was just exploring. They were pretty sure the alien woman had caught the extremists and she needed a broader view of the world before she went back home.

So the alien woman decided to stay for a bit and ask a few more people.

She went into the vanilla world and asked who had the power, a man or a woman? Their responses varied, but they all said at the end of the day, it didn’t matter. They still were sent to war; paid their taxes; died at the hands of a spouse or family member with an agenda; bowed to the icons; had babies for the temple, even though many women died in child birth; and shuffled thru their long days. Only to hear about a dream that meant nothing when they only had pence left in their pocket at the end of the week. Maybe it was the illuminati who had control? The alien woman looked over her shoulder quick… and almost ran away.

The nervous alien woman ran into the law breaker and felt all out fear in his hands. He told her about a bad childhood. He told her about the drugs he took just to cope. And though she had some sympathy, she started to shake. When their eyes met, his seemed to be filled with rage. She checked her dress was over her knees and her boobs were covered. She stole his porn books about how to do sex and bdsm wrong, then she did run away!

The alien woman met a victim and sat and cried with her for awhile. Then her friend, a man who had been thru much of her shame. They said they never felt like they belonged. The crowd couldn’t grasp what their pain was and were always begging for kink! Calling them liars and cowards. Then hiding them in the closet again.

And the alien woman ran into the rep of the LGBTQ club and heard about misinterpretations, misgendering, and the definitions of gender, ID and sexuality. Heard about the het feuds and silliness and how maybe things would be better if they ran the world, instead of the breeders, ya know? I mean there’d be less overcrowding anyways. The alien woman gawked and thought about that… gave it equal weight of thought to the dominant woman’s view. And walked slowly away.

The alien woman ran into a misogynist and a misandrist. They kept fussing and screaming at each other about how the other had privilege. How they had power. How they ought to have their genitals mutilated or be sterilized cuzz they were the problem in the world. Oh for the day when we could annihilate the other gender… The alien woman asked if science here was so advanced they could have sex and babies without the other? It got them to go back to snarling for a bit, til they got heated up again. The alien woman sadly shook her head and walked away.

She’d had enough.

Just as she was climbing back into her spaceship, the site owner called her back and asked if she had paid her membership fee, cuzz kink don’t cum cheap! Gotta keep it real yo! No drama queens! Or snark! Well then again, they are good click bait! Bring it on please!
If she had no money, could she leave a picture of her boobs, butt or vajay? Please?? She slapped his face and slammed the door of the spaceship on his peen!

The alien woman looked at her coordinates and realized… stunned and confused … she had somehow teleported into a website! It was all just fantasy!

So the alien woman went home and explained what had happened. It may be likethe world, but it wasn’t the whole thing! (whew!!)

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