when he says the word “pink”

When He Says the Word “Pink”

(Obv not the word I mean, but let’s use it as a substitute. Since it’s normally a female colour)

When he was raised, he loved his mama and sister, and nonna was his treasure, not his nuisance or abuser. And he was raised right, to guard his language and only open his mouth with respect for women, so the word “Pink” never came out of his mouth. Besides he knew if he ever said it, mom would rinse his mouth with soap, and nonna would cry as she slapped his face. Sister would look at him in dismay and refuse to play with him. Some words just weren’t said in his home. And “Pink” was at the top of the list.
When he was happy in his relationship and seeing the world with rose coloured glasses, he never said the word “Pink”. He would never hurt his dear love with such nasty thoughts. He knew if he ever did say it, his love would look at him in disgust and walk away. He knew he sure wouldn’t be getting laid.
Then he knew that the word “Pink” was only said with hate. So “Pink” never came out of his mouth. It never entered his mind.

His mirror twin however, used the word “Pink” like it was water coming from a tap. It dripped, or it ran, depending on how angry he was. If a woman looked at him with the side eye, he muttered “Pink”. If his boss gave him an order, he whispered “Pink” and walked away. If he was bumped into by a woman, didn’t matter if it was an accident, she heard “Pink”. If a girl refused to date him, she was a “Pink”. Any woman who disagreed with him was a “Pink”. Any woman who was independent of thought and action, who needed him for nothing was a
“Pink”. Women were “Pinks”, unless they submitted to his every wish and fantasy. Those women were only “Pink” as an endearment, but they were still “Pinks”.

The first man, first said the word “Pink” when his girl cheated. And it changed the whole world in one second.

The second man got his face slapped one day for saying “Pink” and told that his hate toward women was a fatal flaw and he ought to change his ways. He’d never thought of it that way before.

It seems like an individual thing, the man who says “Pink”, but in a world where women are hurt and killed everyday, just for being a woman or a girl, then that meaningless word “Pink” becomes a symptom of oppression. And every woman who has been abused or raped knows that the word “Pink” is not innocent. And never was. Because while they were being abused or raped, their attacker was saying “Pink”.
Now whenever they hear the word “Pink”, it takes them right back to that moment. To the fear, to the shame. To his rage and wondering if they’d see the next day. That is what “Pink” means to them. A man hating them. Demeaning them.

Is it hate speech? If it was said about a man, there’d be no doubt. But as long as women are less valued by society, you could argue that “Pink” slurs are part of our oppression.
If you can’t use the N word for black or the F word for a gay man, then why are you allowed to use the words bitch or cunt when you hate a woman and get away with it?
Answer? Because she’s a woman.

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