give me a lick, love!

give me a lick, love!

The second I saw , I had to have some.

  • So sweet,
  • so wet!
  • So tasty.

All I had to do was touch or lick and there’d be a dribble or a squirt.

  • I wanted more!

That’s all I knew. One lick and this burst of flavour and excitement went right thru me. And I couldn’t get enough. I kept lapping and licking. Some might go slow, some might go fast. I just dragged my tongue over and over, till I had to breathe. Then I’d pull my head up and look at all the glory of this treat.
And each look, each lick made me desperate for more.
So I leaned in again. My hand, my face and my shirt were a mess from all the drips and squirting. I knew I’d need a bath afterwards. But it was sooooo worth it!
I kept gobbling and licking and loving, till it happened…

I got brain freeze!

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