oral activity I could get behind!

Oral Activity I could get behind!

It was a 12 inch delight to the senses. I could smell it before I saw it. And my nose isn’t one insured by Lloyd’s of London. The brown skin was perfectly even toned and looked juicy enough to lick. Twice. My mouth started watering as soon as it came close enough my tongue might actually reach it. I wanted it so bad!! He could tell by the look in my eye. And he smiled at my lust for the tubular gift he had brought me. My eyes begged him to share it with me. He was feeling sadistic and made me wait for it. Wait for it.

“dammit you rat bastid! Give me!”

I said.
He grinned at my enthusiasm and slowly put the tip to my mouth. I opened my lips and started with a tender lick, then engulfed the tip in my mouth and
bit down, thru layers of crust and meat.

Um it was a sausage on a bun! You guys are spending too much time on kink sites. Go get some sun!

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