the headless horsemen … yes there were two min! (A story)

The Headless Horsemen … yes there were two min!

  • Headless Horseman no 1

He was the saviour of the poor; a soldier for the right side of the army; the judge of the ugly and evil; a teacher of those who others had discarded. At the end of a battle, he removed his pumpkin head and pumpkin cock and went to sleep for awhile. Because he needed to reboot and couldn’t take the chance that in his sleep, he might roll over and act wrongly. And when he wasn’t needed as a vengeful spirit to right all wrongs, he’d laugh and joke and tell zany stories about his pet horse for all to enjoy.

  • Headless Horseman No 2

He was the apocalyptic monster. He was the post rider for the gang, the mob, the wrong side of the army. He had a fake side, built of charm and suave good looks, from the shoulders down. But if you ever saw his eyes, he had a dead look that made it clear he wasn’t really much into being human. But he hung out with like-minded and with their help, he ruled his corner of the world. No one else was let in. The few who chased him were never heard from again.

  • both the horsemen

Were lusty, over-sexed, charming and such a joy to party with. And you wouldn’t know one from the other, till you got too close. One would save you, one would rape or kill you. And you’d feel that second of regret too late to save yourself if you picked the wrong one.

Unless you came upon them when they were asleep… Just remember the good one would have his pumpkin head and cock beside him, just to be safe.

But if you see the headless horseman bearing down on you, on his faithful snorting steed, run! RUN!! There’s no time to make a decision, just see you remain out of his way!

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