avatars of a god

It was like a reset button. Whenever a new age began, the god would send a teacher to humankind to show us what we were supposed to do. Give us a new mssg for this time and circumstance.

And each time a holy book was written for the people, So they would have an idea of what the god wanted from them. Rules to love by, rules to live by. The priests and monks and those that served the temples were all trained in how to rear the acolytes and supplicants.

And from those avatars came the next generation of sages and mystics. Those who would spread the word to the corners of the earth.  Whether it was thru trade or warcraft.

And the word of the gods went forth.

Was it ever to be taken out of that context? Out of that age? Probably not, because each time things changed, along came the next avatar, the next age, the next people.

There were people each age who refused to change. They wanted things to stay as they were. Because why change when they were the ones who had things good? They were greedy and selfish. They wanted more, whether or not they deserved it. Why give away what they valued?

As there were people every age who wanted to rush the change. Because they had a hard life. One they struggled with everyday.  And they were angry when things turned over so slowly. They became hostile and that probably made it worse for themselves.

Why?  Because the ultimate message the avatars put out into the world was one of peace. And how could such angry people be counted on to live in peace? To forward the message of peace to others?

They couldn’t.

So each age, the people found more fracturing at the time of change. And the avatars found it harder and harder to bring the people thru the transition.  The tomes got longer, more convaluted and complex.

The sages and mystics became weirder and weirder. Unable to connect with the people. Therefore unable to spread the god’s message.

At the end of the last age of humanity, the god decided there was no value in reseting humankind. No more babies were born, and eventually the people died out.

The animals didn’t really miss them.

There was no more trade or warcraft. No more science or magic.  Just animals living by the laws of nature. Animals who didn’t second guess the gods, and just followed the rules.

The gods were pleased by the animals. The people experiment was over. And peace reigned. The gods reigned.

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