the making of a mystic

The Making of a Mystic

Some people come by this in a natural way and others require years of study. Some fall somewhere in between.
Ultimately it’s about accessing a part of your brain that scientists haven’t figured out what it’s for yet. Whether it’s by having some kind of biological or spiritual change that triggers something in you and you see the world differently now.
Some come to the mystic state by almost dying, or being technically dead, having crossed over. They were ill, had a fever, seizures, or a brain trauma of some sort.
Some have some sort of traumatic event that causes super-human levels of stress and their brain overloads.
Some take drugs. Common ones that mystics take are peyote, opium, cannabis, mushrooms… Something that makes you see the world differently and changes the way your brain works. Causing some kind of hallucination or brain storm.
Some take the ordeal path and some go on a quest. Some dream or hope they have that is worth changing up their life and the people in it. To be alone with the god(s) for awhile. To find their holy city. Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Shambalah… and commune among adepts and the faithful only. Away from the world.
And some are called by a god or demon, who teaches them their wisdom.
They could come as a child, innocent of the way most people would do things, or they come at some time when they are under horrible duress and decide they want to start over. Or renew their faith. Because what is going on now isn’t working for them.
It’s a hard path, as it requires much change and some isolation, at least at the beginning. And it requires something or someone to teach you what you don’t know. It requires concentration. To the point of being unable to hold down a job or maybe even a relationship.
And it at times can make the unlearned see you as having a mental disease or defect. Less so in the past than now. Mystics used to be revered, but nowadays they’re more likely to be medicated than followed. Mocked rather than respected.
The mystic sees the world and the spirit realm to be interchangeable and malleable. And nowadays that seems to be superstition. Which isn’t supported by many.
So it’s no surprise that there are fewer mystics than used to be.

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