placid love (a story)

Placid Love

They went to the same school. They grew up in the same community. A land of farmers and church goers. Old Bible thumpers. Two virgin hearts coming together.
And they felt a bit like misfits. They were taught the same way to be and to do things, Even how to rebel the same way. When their friendship and understanding came together, they found young love. From that moment on, they learned to work together on whatever came their way. They agreed that life went a certain way and worked to have it.
That didn’t mean it came easily though… His parents needed extra care. Their sons found learning to be difficult. And their youngest had cancer visit his door. Yet when most couples might have buckled under the pressure, they did not.
They clasped hands and struggled thru the turmoil together.
Maybe because her family always told them they couldn’t succeed. That was their biggest act of rebellion. To stick to their love, no matter what. They also weren’t the grass is greener type. Or the party type. They had their little treats and projects, their hobbies and fun times. And their biggest dream was to spend their life together. Each supported each other. She loved his cars in the garage because she got to drive her cool little MG that he rebuilt. And he loved her sewing and cooking. She counted on his eating at least three plates full, plus dessert. They learned about sex in the pages of his porn collection he went to another country to collect. They learned about love from her romances. I can’t imagine (nor do I want to!) what that entailed.
Maybe they had no imagination of their own. Or maybe they were realists, even in life and love. Maybe they never grew up from the teenagers in love stage. Or maybe they had found the other half of their soul the first time out the door. And they had no reason to let it go.. Who knows?
It just turned out to be that all their nay-sayers broke on the rocky shores of life and love. While they remained steadfast, no matter how many times they were slammed against the rocks. They squabbled, but didn’t slay each other in their
Those who refused to go to church and were called sinners had kids who given the choice were raised in the church. Not by parental force. So the years went by and they built a deeper love. A deeper union. And their marriage was just between them two.
They had a good life, a good love. One they both counted on.

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