mercurial love (A story)

Mercurial Love

It was just like the movies. Or a romance book. One look and we were in love.
Well, lust really, but that is looking back in time. We thought it was love then.
the first time ever I saw your face
We couldn’t get enough of each other. Everything seemed to be aligned in fate. We were meant to be together. Or so it seemed. It was perfect. We knew what the other was thinking before we spoke. Our touch burnt up the sheets. We moved in together, the first night we met. After talking for hours. And hours. It was like we were in sync. And for the first six months, it was heaven.
the main event
Then things became harder. I’m not sure who was at fault. Or if we coould have done anything differently. But we were fighting more and more. And the makeup sex was amazing. So was the mad sex. It was like two animals rutting. Unitl the bruises were one too many, the fights took more time up than the love did. So we broke up and went our separate ways.
But it was too hard living without each other. We missed the good stuff and time erased the bad stuff’s impact. So we got back together.
We were like two animals circling each other, to test each other’s limits and endurance. Checking to see who would back down. But neither did. It was a pattern of being together one week and broken up the next one. Our friends were sick of hearing each of us cry and scream. Then softly moan that we missed each other. Because the good was heaven, the bad was hell. Our story was insane.
love bites
We had been friends, we had been lovers. But all we were now was a TV drama and we were heading closer and closer to one of us lying cold in a grave.
So we were pulled apart by friends, who saw where we were heading. And taken away from each other. Till the heat was gone and we had our lives built up to include more than a love that was so distructive.
I don’t know where he is today, but i still miss him.
He is unforgotten, He is unforgiven. He is lost and so am I.
the unforgiven

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