Vigilantes (a story)

Maybe my friends and I watch too many cartoons. We could either be crazy or jaded. They say we’d be the last to know. Probably true.
But every night we go to the worst parts of town. With knives in our black boots, throwing stars in our pockets, and whips in our hands. We wear dominos, black leotards and black jeans.
And we walk around looking for people who are being bad. Breaking the law, threatening people, and selling illegal goods.
Why would we do this, you might ask? Because we are tired of the system as it is. People who are innocent are getting locked up and people who are guilty are going free.
So we came together to do something about it.
We’re not the police and never were. We’re not the military and never were. But we are fit and fast. And furious. Because each of us has come up on the wrong side of the law, and barely survived it. Some were victims of crime. And some were accused falsely. We no longer trust the police to do right by the citizens of your city. Of our city.
We have stopped people being assaulted. Or raped, or murdered. We have stopped criminal acts. And all without shooting someone who was unarmed. All without profiling people by their neighbourhood, upbringing, family name, gender or skin colour.
We hold the trial out there among those who are impacted by that person’s acts. We don’t allow deals with the prosecution. And no judges are politicking in back rooms.
That makes a difference to how the truth gets heard. Their neighbours know their circumstances, unlike the lawyers and police do. They know how often there’s yelling in the house and cops at the door. How often a kid has a cast. How snotty or scared the kids are. How many empties are in the garbage bins.
And since we’re not cops or lawyers, they talk to us. So we get it all.
We get the context the court rarely does.
We take more than the five minutes doctors take to find out why this person is having a hard day. And whether or not they can be helped.
We don’t allow mobs either. We offer them participation in the trial. Truth. And that helps more than you know. The victim gets heard without being put on trial themselves. We hear from the family of the people in trouble.
You may call it a kangaroo court. But what is the alternative?
Lady Justice left the building long ago. Didn’t she?

Mr Short Cuts

Mr Short Cuts (a story)

Charles was the guy who wanted stuff, and wanted it NOW!. He didn’t want to have to work for it or wait for it to get it. Emotionally he had the patience of a toddler. The practicality of a small child.
So Charles would do things like steal to get the money for a lottery ticket, so he’d win and not have to work. EVER!
He’d hire himself out to his mom’s friends as their stud. They got a young guy on their arm, and they had sex with his fit body. In an hour, Charles made what most guys made in a week. And he’d buy more lottery tickets and go to the casino and spend it all.
That was Charles. Anything to make a quick buck so he could dream about the big bucks. He didn’t care if it was legal or not.
It wasn’t that he was lazy either. He ran for 10 miles everyday and power-lifted in competitions. His dad said to Charles that he wished Charles would put half that energy into keeping a job.
It got worse.
The crimes got bigger. He joined a gang, so he didn’t have to take all the risk himself. His only issue with that was that he had to share the reward.
When the lottery never panned out, he went to the casinos and played the one-armed-bandits. He didn’t win often, but when he did it usually made up for the money he spent at least.
He started looking for a sugar-momma. He got hired at the country club, which pleased his dad, till he found out why his son got the job. His mom was so humiliated by her son’s morals. They kicked him out of the house.
They couldn’t figure out what they’d done wrong.
He wasn’t technically a gold-digger, but the result would be the same. He wanted a woman as a purse, not a love.
But women with money are not stupid. They know that the cute boy who wants a woman his mom’s age usually aren’t that attracted to her. So they had a date or two with him, got their groove on, but aint no way!! he was getting into their houses, let alone becoming their husband.
So nothing was really working out for Charles. And he was losing his looks as he aged. It was taking longer to keep his physique at buff. And he was getting worried.
He needed to do something. Riskier.
So he planned a real crime. Something he could do alone that would bring him real money.
Charles bought a gun, he stole the gang’s drug money and drugs and sold it to the competition. He burned his bridges with them.
And he had to go on the run.
The money didn’t last long. So he had to start again.
But now he knew having real money could mean real fun. And he wanted more. Just more.
The only things that would stop Charles would be his death or getting caught. Going to prison. Like so many other Charles-types.
The road to short cuts is a cruel one. Money never lasts long and the risks are just too awful.
The only real way to get money is to learn how to do something the world needs and become excellent at it.
So the moral is: don’t be a Mr Short Cuts, like Charles.
His life is about to blow up.

secrets, lies and privacy

Secrets, Lies and Privacy

You don’t have to tell everyone everything about your life. It’s important to learn who needs to know stuff. And who you can trust with keeping things confidential for you. It’s ok to have a sense of yourself as a separate being. Even if they’re a parent or spouse.
And be sure the story is yours to tell, as well. If a friend or family member tells you something that isn’t a risk to others, or something harmful, then it’s theirs to disclose as they will. You really shouldn’t gossip about other people’s lives.
eg. Nobody needs to know about your health issues, unless they’ll be a carer for you, or it’s something contagious and they’re intimate enough to get it from you. ie you have a cold/flu and they want to hug or kiss you, or you have an STD and they want to have sex with you. Something that impacts their health/safety or time, money and energy.

There are some jobs, where you aren’t allowed (under penalty of the law and risk of job/license loss) to even tell your spouse what the identifying details are about your work and the people in it. You can say that you had a bad day, ie health care, that a patient died or a boss reamed you out. You just can’t get specific. To the point where they would know who you were talking about. They fairly need to know that you’re under more stress than usual though. No matter how good you are at separating your life/compartmentalizing, you bring home a bad mood and might take it out on them. Intentionally or not.


  • By Omission – something you deliberately don’t tell someone that it’s unfair or harmful to not tell them. ie you avoid subjects or pick a fight to avoid telling them something. More like gaslighting. It can also be charm or seduction. They are soft lies because you aren’t telling them the truth or the whole truth. You’re deflecting. Hypocrisy is also a lie by omission,or it mostly can be anyway.
  • By Commission – You deliberately feed them false information to cover up the truth. ie you said you were out at work, but were actually having an affair. Charm, seduction and hypocrisy can cross over into active lies as well.

All of these types are secrets, and all of them can become lies.
The biggest division line for me is if the other person is put at risk, or harmed by what you withhold from them, then it’s a lie. IMO of course.

Do you agree?

why would he lie?

Why Would He Lie? (a story)

liar – three dog night

I won’t ever leave
If you want me to stay
Nothing you could do
That could turn me away

He sounded like a romantic poet. Because he practiced it, over and over. Over and over. Till he got the inflections perfect. Till it sounded like he was battling with sweet emotion. It seemed so real. You had to ask yourself, how could it be anything but real? Why would he lie?

Hanging on anyway
Believing the things you say
Being the fool

He sounded so charming. He knew all the cues needed in social engagements today. He practiced in his mirror, many hours a day. Just to get the right tone to his voice, the right look in his eye. Before he went to her. Till she had no choice but to believe him. It couldn’t just be words, now could it? What would he gain?

You’ve taken my life
So take my soul
That’s what you said
And I believed it all

And as each day went by, she fell more into his trap. Because there really was no reason why he’d lie to her. There were plenty of other women who would take him if she said no. She wasn’t rich or beautiful. She was just vulnerable. So she fell in love, because she trusted his facade. He was perfection…

I want to be with you
Long as you want me to
But don’t move away

She couldn’t move away.

Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?

it was too good to be true

Liar, liar

it was too good to be true

We have seen no night
We have seen no day
If I ever leave
Would you want me to stay?

Till she heard the same words he said to her come out of his mouth to another woman. Till she saw the same emotions and inflections on his face, in his words when he spoke to the other woman.

You can believe in me
I won’t be leaving
I won’t let you go

And the words that had meant so much were meaningless. Till she confronted him, till they confronted him…

Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?

It wasn’t a promise, it was a threat!

Liar, liar

It wasn’t a promise, it was a threat!

You’ve taken my life
So take my soul
That’s what you said
But who are we to know?

If he couldn’t convince her, he’d kill her. If he couldn’t have her, noone else would. He couldn’t leave evidence of his perfidy behind. Now could he? Why wouldn’t he just move on to the next one? How could she mean so much to him?

I want to be with you
Long as you want me to
But don’t move away

Or did she? Or did they? Maybe he lied because he had no choice. Secrets, games and manipulation were his tools. Without them he was lost. So those who knew him had to be punished. It was who he wanted to be, at all costs!

Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?

Who was the devil’s child? The liar!

Liar, liar

Who was the devil’s child? The liar!

Who was the devil’s child? The liar!

is there really a predator?

Who profits by crime?  Most people think it’s just the criminal…
But every govt needs a cause to enforce, and taxes to gather in that name. Every prison warden needs people to work for them and people to imprison. It’s become a business. They need to show a need. Every cop needs a job and a reason to exist as an enforcer of the law. They need to be a hero.
Society as a whole profits from crime. In their image of themselves. In their division into nations.  In the institutions that “fight” crime and those that “help” it’s victims. As well as the very image of the nation and how they view each other, whether as a liberal or conservative.  Because most crimes can be traced in some way, back to the beginning of human society. Esp when it comes to sex trades.
And to some crimes, they are more an obsession of something that everyone does.  Like sex. Like drugs or alcohol. There’s a thin line between the one who uses to relax, those who use to party and those who self medicate. Those who buy and those who sell.
Then there is the division of the image between those who sell the body as advertising and those who sell it as porn or prostitution.  It’s hard to see the divisions.
It might be hard to find where the crimes are divided, and where the true criminal is.
And part of that might be because the person you’re looking for is the predator. Yet predators are very rare. If they exist at all. According to the [ICD-10,][] the ones most commonly pointed at (the narcissist and the sociopath) and blamed for crimes are statistical outliers. Which basically means, they cannot be proven. They are anomylies.
So the criminals might be showing traits of a narcissist or sociopath, but the chances that they are or could be one are slim to none.
Which means that the people who are most likely to harm you are addicts, who show a psychotic-like personality, and fumblers. Those who get cocky when they think they know all there is to know. And newbs who are trying new stuff out and make an error.  And those who enable their continuing on with their errors and grandiosity. They breed an unsafe environment. That is the most common type of harm done to others.
So instead of looking for a monster, try looking for the people who will actually cause you harm. You’ll be a lot safer.