prayer for guidance

Prayer for Guidance

Vishnu, protector and preserver of humanity, guide us in our paths.
When I am a child, keep my innocence safe
So I can trust in the light
When I am a student, keep my mind open
So I can learn the path I am meant to be on
When I am family bound, help me to respect
Those around me and hold them near.
When I am an elder, show me your wisdom
That I may pass it on
And when I am an ascetic, keep me humble
And free from all distractions
Bound by prayer and service
May I worship you in all your incarnations
Thru the ages of humanity
Thru the cycles governed by Brahma and Shiva,
keep me safe as things are born and as they die.
For I have no power and I need your arms around me
So I can live free, instead of hide
In my own insecurities.
May I be at peace, calm in my soul
So I can best serve you.

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