line em up ladies! (erotica)

Line Em Up, Ladies!

A few of my friends and I had a bet. We were always bragging about how good our subs were at oral. So one night we decided the jig was up. We needed to have a competition.
We formed a circle. All of us wearing long skirts and no panties. We sat in Adirondac chairs and tipped our butts up so they had easy access, without showing off our tasty bits to our fellow dommes.
One of the dommes and her partner were strict mono, so they handled the judging duties and stop watches.
The agreed upon rules were that the men could use only their mouths. Anywhere on the genitals and anal area and the bridge in between. No fingers.
And only the men could touch. The women weren’t allowed to masturbate to help them out. It was all about the mens’ skill.
The men kneeled in front of the domme they were paired with and waited for the whistle…


Tongues and teeth started their work and the women didn’t take long to moan. And moan.
You could hear the slurping and moaning in the next room. Where a few dommes were gathered who didn’t want to participate. They started to giggle a bit. And a few had reactions to the audio show. A couple were even blushing. I mean, how do you stay staid of face when you know your sister domme is getting munched on? You know how it feels, right?
It wasn’t just about speed. The rules also had to be adhered to. Which the subs were doing really well at. They were very obedient.
Did I mention there was a moisture pad under the women, to see how much fluid collected? No? Well that was done also.
Finally, the first of the orgasms came… Those dommes and subs were tapped out and the pads collected. The others were given a chance to finish. Then their pads were collected. Pictures were taken and they were loaded into the computer and a program was run to see which dommes produced the most fluid. Obv it wasn’t the ones who came first. Right?
Finally a winner was called…
The woman had to cum , a lot, and the sub had to follow the rules. The sub was given a reward for being the best licker of the lot. The other subs gathered around him to ask for tips. Because they knew their game had to improve. Because the dommes were interested in doing this again.
And so were the subs!
The winning sub was given an honour guard of spankers for his enjoyment. And all of his cheeks blushed when it was over.
Does that sound like fun to you?
Sadly, I wasn’t the domme of the winning sub (pouts). My sub and I are working to improve his skills for the next challenge.

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