Dommie’s Date Night (erotica)

After a week of leading everyone else, and being sure they do what needs to be done, I need a break!
So I called a sub over for some good ole fashioned, romantic pampering and he answered my call.
Terence is a really, insanely good cook. And as foodie as I am, you have to know, I mean what I say. On his way over, he stopped at the market and picked up a few things I didn’t have in the house. So he could make me my fave meal. It’s scrumpdiliicious! Fettucini al fredo, lobster tails, and baklava with pears. Yummy! He would be well rewarded for this evening.
Then we put the stereo on and dance to romantic songs, like they haven’t made them since.
[Marvin Gaye][] ,
[Teddy Pendergrass][] ,
[Luther Van Dross][] and
[Sam Cooke][] .
That line up always got us in the right mood to get cozy and kissy.
But then there came a point where things had to get steamy.
[Exile][] and
[Rod Stewart][] are always good for that.
By then we were too hot to just dance and kiss. We were grooving like we were in heat. And we went into the bedroom. We have a thing for comfort some nights (not always, but this was one of those comfort nights) and made quick work of helping each other get naked and laid out on the bed.
Terence did his subby duties of seeing that I was well good and ready for him. He massaged me with hot oils and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. Until I gave him the signal that I was ready for some oral loving. Of all things that Terence is good for, oral is my fave thing he does to and for me. He makes me melt like goo. Over and over… (wait! Wasn’t that Exile’s song? Tehehe!)
I do love a man who is in it for me. Though I often notice a wet spot I sure wasn’t in a position to create when I get up later…
After the lovemaking, Terence kisses me off to sleep and holds me gently as I nap. Then helps me shower off the body fluids when I wake. He is so considerate! I feel so much better after his pampering. 🙂


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