is there really a predator?

Who profits by crime?  Most people think it’s just the criminal…
But every govt needs a cause to enforce, and taxes to gather in that name. Every prison warden needs people to work for them and people to imprison. It’s become a business. They need to show a need. Every cop needs a job and a reason to exist as an enforcer of the law. They need to be a hero.
Society as a whole profits from crime. In their image of themselves. In their division into nations.  In the institutions that “fight” crime and those that “help” it’s victims. As well as the very image of the nation and how they view each other, whether as a liberal or conservative.  Because most crimes can be traced in some way, back to the beginning of human society. Esp when it comes to sex trades.
And to some crimes, they are more an obsession of something that everyone does.  Like sex. Like drugs or alcohol. There’s a thin line between the one who uses to relax, those who use to party and those who self medicate. Those who buy and those who sell.
Then there is the division of the image between those who sell the body as advertising and those who sell it as porn or prostitution.  It’s hard to see the divisions.
It might be hard to find where the crimes are divided, and where the true criminal is.
And part of that might be because the person you’re looking for is the predator. Yet predators are very rare. If they exist at all. According to the [ICD-10,][] the ones most commonly pointed at (the narcissist and the sociopath) and blamed for crimes are statistical outliers. Which basically means, they cannot be proven. They are anomylies.
So the criminals might be showing traits of a narcissist or sociopath, but the chances that they are or could be one are slim to none.
Which means that the people who are most likely to harm you are addicts, who show a psychotic-like personality, and fumblers. Those who get cocky when they think they know all there is to know. And newbs who are trying new stuff out and make an error.  And those who enable their continuing on with their errors and grandiosity. They breed an unsafe environment. That is the most common type of harm done to others.
So instead of looking for a monster, try looking for the people who will actually cause you harm. You’ll be a lot safer.


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