cats at the dungeon

Cats at the Dungeon (a story)

Nothing they were doing was solving their pest issue. Everywhere they looked were cats, kittens and more felines than they even had at the town animal shelter. It was ok for the doms who like cats as pets, but they were just over run. Cats . were . every . blessed . where!
There were red cats and blonde cats. There were brown cats and black cats. There were goth cats and punk cats. There were rock cats and jazz cats. Ermergawd! The master of the dungeon was seriously considering getting in some dogs! Closest thing he had were wolves and foxes though! He didn’t want to maim the cats, just coral them.
What was he to do? The men were complaining.
The master spoke to a few friends who ran other venues and found they had the same problem, till they got in a cat wrangler.
So he called the guy.
The first night the cat wrangler put some scratching posts around the edge of the main space. The cats sniffed, and they mewed, then they scratched the posts and laid down for a nap. The doms had a chance to play with other pets, besides cats.
The 2nd night, the cat wrangler hung some balls from string from the ceiling. In one room away from the big equipment. The cats batted the balls and played with the balls. And they mewed. Then they lay down and had a nap. Piled on top of each other. Which gave the doms a chance to play with some of their subbies and slaves. Without getting scratched for being inattentive to the cats.
On the third night, the cat wrangler put some toys out. Lazer toys and squeaky toys. The cats chased and chased till they fell down in their tracks and mewed themselves to sleep. It was so cute seeing their little hinies up and their faces buried in pillows. And the doms got a chance to play with their masos and pain sluts. It was a nice relief!
And on the fourth night, the cat wrangler sat and waited for the cats to come see what the new entertainment was… When they were gathered all around him, he played his pipe and soothed them. Then when they were all calm and ready, he started to walk out of the dungeon with all the cats!
The master wasn’t so sure he liked that, but he was sick of all those cats! And his doms had had a lot of fun the past few days. So he let them go.
It took awhile before the doms noticed that there was no mewing anywhere in the dungeon. The cats must be up to something! So they went looking for them. No cats at the scratch poles. No cats playing with the hanging balls. And no cats playing with the lazer toys or squeaky toys. No cats napping anywhere!!
The doms went to ask the master where all the cats were. He said the cat wrangler had taken them all!
The doms had a quick meeting and a delegation was sent to talk to the cat wrangler. They didn’t want ALL the cats gone, they just didn’t want so manyunderfoot.
So the cat wrangler asked which cats they wanted back.
Each dom of the delegation picked a cat for himself and one he thought would be popular with his compatriots. And led them back to the dungeon. Leaving the rest for the cat wrangler.
The doms didn’t realize they had split up sisters and moms and daughters, till the cats started to pine. And they had to ask the wrangler why. So he explained. The doms changed the cats they picked and took those cats back to the dungeon. And things were ok. But they weren’t as fun as having any cat around they thought was fun. Breeding was too much of a thing for the doms. They just wanted cute kitties and fun.
So they went back to the cat wrangler and asked him if they could have all the cats back.
He agreed. He taught them some games they could play with the cats so they could keep them busy and out of the way when they wanted to have other fun.
And the doms wished they had thought of that in the first place.
Because now they had cats and kittens who didnt trust them any more. And were happy only when they were biting and scratching their human overlords. It was going to be a long week at the dungeon, till these cats calmed down.
The master was not happy with the whole thing.
There’s a moral to the story as you may have noticed… A busy cat is a happy cat, as long as their family is close by them.

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