breaking in the furniture

Breaking in the Furniture (a story)

(opens the door when the bell rings)
Hello! So glad you have come for a visit. I’m thrilled to see you again. Can I take your coat? Lovely! I have tea ready for us. And some great sandwiches and cookies. I hope you’re ready for a nibble.
Let’s go into the kitchen and get the stuff. Oh please don’t sit there! That’s where my lover likes to sit me on the edge and eat me out! It holds special memories for us, you see.
No! Not there either. He makes me bend over that chair and takes me from behind. It’s one of our fave things to do in the kitchen. Would you like a cookie?
Oh of course! We can go into the living room. Would you like to see it?
(walk down the hall)
You can sit anywhere, but the couch. We often snuggle and cuddle-fuck on it. Oh and the love seat is our fave place too. He likes to put a leg over the back when I blow him. It’s just the right size for our comfort.
In the den? Why sure! We can go there too. It’s so cozy.
(walks to den)
Please just don’t sit in the lazy boy. I sit on his lap in it and edge him when we watch porn on the telly. It drives him crazy. He likes to play with my boobs while I do that.
Yes that rug is so soft and furry. We love the feel of the fur on our naked skin when we have sex by the fire. It makes our winters so much more bearable, ya know?
The dining room? Sure, we can go there if you want. Our set is very classic, with captains’ chairs and all. They make handy rests when one of us wants a spanking. It’s just the right height.
Yes they are a lovely colour. Are you feeling ok? Your cheeks are quite red. Ae you sure? Well yes, there is a lovely rest room over there. You can wash your face if you feel ill. I’ll get you a fresh towel. Because we had sex in the shower this morning before he went to work. I forgot to change the towels.
Sure I can dampen the cloth for you. Bring it to you, but really the bathroom is right there.
Or would you like to lay down perhaps? We have a lovely four poster that we like to tie each other to. Oh please don’t be shocked. We mostly just tease each other there. There is really no reason to be disturbed. Not over that bedroom. We have our dungeon furniture in the guest bedroom after all.
It depends on the toy who it gets used on. We have quite a range. Would you like to see them? No? Oh that’s a shame! We’ve built up quite a collection, you see.
I’m so sorry to hear you feel you can’t stay for tea. But why would I put plastic on the furniture? It wouldn’t be comfortable for us at all!
Can I make you a baggie of the cookies? No? Of course I washed my hands before I made them! Do you think I was raised in a barn?? A bordello? Oh that might be fun!
Well I am sorry you feel so uncomfortable here. I certainly was trying to make you feel at home. Maybe we can go to your place next tiime? No? Of course I wash my clothes! Why wouldn’t I?
I am sorry. I thought we would get along well. If you ever change your mind… No I guess if you feel that way, there’s nothing I can do about that. Is there?
Well do drive safe! It was nice seeing you anyway.
(Shuts the door)
Was it something I said? (pouts)


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