Psychopomp ( a story)


People are energy, or soul. We exist outside of this life. And we go somewhere, we change our form. We have to, because energy is perpetual. That doesn’t mean that there is a heaven or hell. It simply means we exist beyond this life. So if that is accepted, then it’s easier to accept what people do to ease that transformation, isn’t it?
I am involved in two types of situations.

  • The first is for the family.

When I get called into a case, the family has been told that a member is dying. And they want someone to help them thru their grief and other emotions as well as easing the journey as the soul changes form.
Some families see omens and have them read and determine the person who needs this help. And some see Western Med practitioners and are given a diagnosis. They go thru that process, then when the doctors say there is nothing left they can do, they come to someone like me. And in that case, in many ways, I become a family grief counsellor. I help them come to terms with the relationship they have with the departing soul. Help them say goodbye. And after the death of the body, help them process the loss and remember they will be reunited when they change form. Whatever their belief system is, based on culture and rearing.
That’s the easy part. (Well not for them, but living people act in predictable ways. So it’s not woo wooo stuff)

  • Then it’s for the transitioning soul.

(the woo wooo stuff)
Their energy needs to change form and for most people this means going directly to their cultural heaven or hell, or land of the dead, or becoming part of the universal energy or part of the dark or shadow. Depending on their beliefs and their life experience. How they have lived. Most cultures believe in a heaven and hell, or land of the dead. .
For the holy and for the sinner. This belief actually intrudes on the soul’s willingness to be guided toward that.If they fear consequences, they don’t want to transition . And they want to stay here, to finish things up or look after their grieving family. If they know they are dying, they usually finish things while present. And the ones who want to stay to look after their family, usually need reassurance that someone they trust and respect will keep an eye on them till they can cope on their own. That makes them more willing to change. And move on.
Then it’s just the process.
Gathering the energy of this soul and moving them thru the changes as smoothly as possible. And keeping intruding energies back until that process is done.
That’s when it becomes hard.

And that is the one type of case I do.

  • The other is to clean up energies that were never properly dealt with and become “ghosts”, or “demonic forces”.

Sometimes that is due to confusion, guilt, or rage. And I have to determine which and deal with that.
But bottomline, the soul needs to move on. Nothing good can come of them wandering the earth or becoming attached to a place, thing or person. They certainly aren’t meant to intrude on the living.
So I need to be firm about that, but kind and supportive in their change. I’m not the type who screams and swears. It’s just not necessary. And the last thing I want is them attaching their confusion, guilt or rage on me. So I try hard to be calm. I am invested in the process going well, not in them. By taking that step back, I find success to be easier. For them and for me.

  • All of this fascinates me.

Each case is different. Each soul is unique. Yet there are common rules that make it easier to deal with the human emotions involved. The family who are grieving. Or the energy that is wrongly attached to a place, person or thing. And I treasure these experiences. All of them.
Yet there are some that are more treasured than others. We all have our fave things we look for. Something unique. Something poignant. Something fun.

  • And these are mine. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Inner Life Story?

It seemed like a typical eve at home for her. The night was warm, so she sat out on her porch with a magazine. Just enjoying the air, the sounds of the city and relaxing.
She heard the traffic first. Cars and trucks going over the bridge near her house. And stopping and starting at the corner on the other side of her building. There seemed to be an unusual pattern for her neighbourhood, but she didn’t really pay attention.
Till she heard the clip clop of horses’ hooves. Horses?? She looked up and saw a very old-time coach and four going down her street. Say what now?? She hadn’t heard of any historical fairs or antique shows in town this weekend. So she watched it go by to see where it turned. Huh! Toward the highway. Not toward the stadium or flea market, where the shows would go. Ok just weird.
But there must be an explanation, right?
So she went back to her magazine.
Until she heard her neighbours. They were in their bedroom and were chatting and there were pauses between, which got longer. And longer. Then she heard the bed banging against the wall. She grinned. She would be teasing her friend about getting laid tomorrow. But meantime, she tried to give them their privacy. She put her headphones on and listened to some music.
Def an explanation for that one!
After a bit, she saw some flashing lights out of the corner of her eye. So she looked to see what was happening. The sky was a really odd colour, almost a green and there were lights sparking thru that. Almost like a fireworks show, but … not? She had no frame of reference to put it into. She watched until the lights stopped and the sky went back to the almost twilight colours.
She thought about going inside then, cuzz she didn’t want to deal with mosquitos or gnats.
But then she saw the coach and four come back around on her street. She looked to see if there was an insignia or crest on the coach, so she could look it up online and find out what group it was with. But there wasn’t anything. Ok weird and weirder. The coach went back to the highway.
She took off her headphones to see if her neighbours were done having sex. Their room was quiet. So she went inside.
She dropped off her magazine and headphones and went down the building’s hallway to see if there was any mail. Before she went into the bath and retired for the night.
She was looking thru the flyers and envelopes to see if there was anything important, when her neighbour came in. The one she thought had been having sex just a few minutes ago. The only one she could have heard having sex a few minutes ago.
She grinned and asked what her neighbour had been up to, figuring she’d get some dish. Her neighbour said she’d been at her mom’s and just returned. So she asked if someone was staying with her at her apt. Nope. So she went with her back down the hall. Made sure there were no surprises waiting for her friend. Nope.
Ok maybe someone had been watching tv a bit loud lol.
She shrugged it off. And went to take a bath.
She liked to lay in an almost dark room and listen to music, an oldies station, when she had a bath.
She was laying there, with her eyes closed, and listening to the music. When she heard voices just outside her bathroom, where nobody was. A man and a woman seemed to be having an argument. She grabbed a towel, and went to investigate. But no one was in her unit. Nothing was disturbed.
It was a really strange night. She was confused and a little upset. But she put on her long tee and got into bed. And shortly afterwards, she went to sleep.
All that happened thru the night was her being woken by thunder and lightning.
Well… she had heard that storms were conduits. So maybe nothing she had seen was real. Or was it?

The Rudest Ghosts

You can blame TV… I love to watch shows where houses and bldgs are haunted and the crew comes in to document the “proof”, the “evidence”. So I always thought ghosts were all supposed to be scary. Till I moved into my current house. My spooks seem to enjoy embarrassing or annoying more than scaring.
You see they seem to have read too many comedians rather than Jacobian dramas. I do appreciate the humour of writers like Moliere, but it gets old after a bit.
When in life, these ghosts were probably the type who kept putting woopie cushions on your seat or had fart buzzers. So having company over is … noisome. I warn people at the door, just in case they feel playful today.
And it’s not just that, they also like to make it seem like someone desperately needs a bath, like it’s been a year or so since they had one, when you go to hug someone. It makes it a challenge to finish the hug, even though you know it’s not the person.
I rarely have overnight guests. Cuzz the last time I did, as they lay on the bed, they were right on top of a pair of lovers at the cum stage. It made it more unfortunate that the dear guests were my pastor and his wife. I have to give them cudos for taking it with grace. But they haven’t stayed since. Somehow they really got busy.
And then there’s the main floor bathroom. I have a few guests over and everytime they go in there, they get treated to the sound of someone wretchng or vomitting. My one dear friend was pregnant when last she was here. Poor thing! She joined in the noise making. I directed her to the upstairs bathroom for the rest of the night.
For a lovely treat, the ladies who wear skirts get them lifted over their heads. It was bearable, till one friend who was wearing a longer skirt had sadly left her panties at home. I loaned her a pair of mine for the evening. I’m ever so grateful none of my lady friends wear butt plugs to friends’ houses. It’d be more than I’d want to know about them.
These were just not the demonic or ordinary poltergeists I had heard of before I moved here. No dishes were broken by them, though an occasional glass dropped when my guests were surprised by the noises or smells. No doors or windows were slammed, though the occasional guest left in a huff and were emphatic in their exit.
And either I have a bunch of sensitives as friends, or these ghosts are really powerful beings who like to prank more than scare. Who knew?
I’ve tried to sell the place a few times. Obv not cuzz I’m scared. But I’m a social being and I’m not certain I want to have the kind of friends who’d find this funny for long. Would you? But who would go to a viewing and tolerate that enough that they’d actually buy the house, actually move in?
None of the paranormal groups that I’ve cold called buy what I’m saying. I’ve gotten a few stern lectures about not mocking them for their beliefs. That the supernatural is real. And I’ll know it some day.
I didn’t know what to say. I was telling the truth. My truth. They were telling theirs.
I did try to sage the place, but all that did was make things worse. Ugh!
I’m about fed up enough to burn the house for the insurance. Do you know any arsonists?

The Inept Incubus

Adrian checked the hall before he went around the corner. He could have sworn that there was no one in it. But he had missed the couple in the corner who were making out. The man shivered and the girl wept. Oooops!
So he went into the bedroom and tried to make things happen as they were meant to. He crawled onto the lump on the bed, and made the human moan. OMG! It was a man! He crawled back off, quickly!
And tried the next room. Well it was a woman, but she had to be 90, if a day! Adrian had been told to get a woman pregnant, and somehow he doubted it would be a 90 year old woman who should be inseminated.
So he went to the next room. Aha! Now this woman was the right age. So he crawled on her. But his head start had him so wound up, he blew his load, before he was even fully on top! (ermergerd!) He blushed as he heard his brothers, who had been watching, howl with laughter.
The woman had woken and was looking at him like he was a clown. He felt like one too.
Finally he calmed down and tried again. Son of a beee!! He got it in the wrong hole! Well you can’t make a woman pregnant with it there, wrong or right. He bowed his head and wanted to crawl under the bed when he heard his brothers howling again. Even the woman was laughing now!
So she guided him to the right hole and helped him get it in. Ahhh there we go! He grooved, and he bumped, he humped and rolled. And had to catch his breath because it was taking so long. He could hear snickers from the peanut gallery. One of his brothers asked if he needed help? He shook his head and went back at it again.
But though she was having a fun time, he just couldn’t place a load in her. He bowed his head and gave up.
Adrian snapped his fingers and she went off to sleep. He wanked off and just as he was coming, he humped it into her so she received most of his jism.
As soon as he was done, he slipped back outside and went back to his brothers. Past a security guard who grabbed his own crotch as he walked by. And a cleaning lady, who ran a portable vacuum over her mound. Adrian saw and all he could say was “Ugh!”
When he returned to his brothers, they were hooting at him. He was so many shades of red, it was ridiculous. But he’d got it done. Now to see if his seed took hold. His older brother said it was his only chance. If it didn’t happen, someone else would be taking a turn.
He watched, and her belly swelled. So he took a deep breath. In and out. And waited for the due date.
She was in pain, she was crying, and finally she was pushing… And all that could be heard thru the halls of hell and the hospital she was in was a very loud FART!!
Adrian sat on the floor and cried. Her belly went back down to size.
Adrian’s oldest brother stepped forward to have the next try. Adrian’s one turn was a flop.

Is it Magic, or Not?


It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

Sleight of hand and misdirection, a flash of cards, a pea in a cup, or rings running thru each other. Great for street magicians.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

Illusion- the game of the show and the dance between the audience and performer. The trust and respect while you know for sure the star is putting one over on you. You see the power of technology. You see the theater.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

The healer and walker of worlds who tries to manage the prayers of the people. You see the power of faith, in the hierarchy of the tribe.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

Those who believe beyond the fantasy, who practice a craft old as time. Where chaos and order battle for our minds. Where the temple is obvious in their mind.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

And then there’s the one who has made a deal, where power is demonic. And you have to wonder what the price was… when they gave up their soul for the show.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

The society of magicians under the show, where secrets and illusion are the calling card. Where they believe they have their craft and demon in chains. Only to get slapped down to earth with reality.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

And the lovers who see the heart in the craft and forget that underneath, it’s driven by supernatural beings.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

And into that world, walked a woman who was one of the few female magicians who made it to the top. One of the few who the brotherhood accepted. Because she had grafted hard. Because she had shown her worth. But mostly because she had dressed as a man and no one knew. Till her final show. She was amazing in her craft. And they were stunned when her last reveal was that she was a woman. Just before she disappeared forever.

She called herself Demonica, but her real name was Gloria.

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

One dream, one soul, one prize
One goal, one golden glance of what should be
It’s a kind of magic
One shaft of light that shows the way
No mortal man can win this day
It’s a kind of magic
The bell that rings inside your mind
Is challenging the doors of time
It’s a kind of magic
The waiting seems eternity
The day will dawn of sanity
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Is this a kind of magic?
It’s a kind of magic
There can be only one
This rage that lasts a thousand years
Will soon be done
This flame that burns inside of me
I’m hearing secret harmonies
It’s a kind of magic
The bell that rings inside your mind
Is challenging the doors of time
It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
This rage that lasts a thousand years
Will soon be, will soon be, will soon be done
This is (this is) a kind (a kind) of magic (yeah)
There can be only one one one one
This rage that lasts a thousand years
Will soon be done – done
Magic – it’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
Magic magic magic (magic)
Ha ha ha haa – it’s magic
Ha haa
Yeah yeah
It’s a kind of magic


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